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Open Protocol and Top One DAO community formally entered into a strategic partnership
2022-05-27 16:36:16 Primitive Reading

 According to official news, the first innovative financial protocol-based Web 3.0 aggregation public platform Open Protocol and the Top One DAO community officially reached strategic cooperation. The two sides reached a cooperation consensus on the future development of Web3.0, on-chain financial innovation, DAO governance, and cryptographic computing. Open Protocol is a decentralized Web3.0 platform deployed on BSC. The core of the early platform is an auto-staking protocol-- a new financial protocol that makes staking easier and more efficient and provides an exceptional and stable 3778.34% APY return for protocol token holders. TOP One DAO was jointly initiated by more than 500 co-founding communities worldwide, aiming to build an international DAO community with long-term influence, gather high-dimensional power, and empower the global top blockchain ecological construction and development with community influence. It was understood that the Top One DAO Foundation launched IDO capital preservation and a steady income plan for Top One DAO contributor medal holders.

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