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Open Protocol Officially Launches IDO Today
According to official news, Open Protocol, the first Web 3.0 aggregation public platform based on innovative financial protocols, will officially launch IDO at 19:00(UTC+8)today. The IDO will be conducted on its official website and Rlink. Three Medal NFTs will be released: Primary OPEN Medal NFT, Intermediate OPEN Medal NFT, and Advanced OPEN Medal NFT. Different levels of OPEN Medals have different purchase conditions, and every address allows only one Medal of each type. Holders of the three classes of OPEN Medals can automatically gain the corresponding revenue. It is reported that only OPEN Medals can generate the original OPP token of Open Protocol and the total number of Medals in IDO is fixed. Users can participate in the IDO through the invitation link (optional) or subsequently fill in the invitation link address on the official website.
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Hotcoin Will Open VOLT Trading at 14:00 (GMT+8) on June .1st
Hotcoin will open the trading of VOLT/USDT currency pairs  at 14:00 (GMT+8) on June.1st,2022, while the deposit of  VOLT will be opened at 14:00 (GMT+8) on May.31st ,2022.The withdrawal service of VOLT will be available at 14:00 (GMT+8) on June.2nd.
Volt Inu (VOLT) is a hyper-deflationary token that aims to invest in multiple asset classes such as NFT, Nodes, Altcoins, Stakings and Farming of stablecoins. This investment diversification allows for risk mitigation while taking advantage of the possible uncorrelated growth of trending assets.
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Open Protocol and Top One DAO community formally entered into a strategic partnership
According to official news, the first innovative financial protocol-based Web 3.0 aggregation public platform Open Protocol and the Top One DAO community officially reached strategic cooperation. The two sides reached a cooperation consensus on the future development of Web3.0, on-chain financial innovation, DAO governance, and cryptographic computing. Open Protocol is a decentralized Web3.0 platform deployed on BSC. The core of the early platform is an auto-staking protocol-- a new financial protocol that makes staking easier and more efficient and provides an exceptional and stable 3778.34% APY return for protocol token holders. TOP One DAO was jointly initiated by more than 500 co-founding communities worldwide, aiming to build an international DAO community with long-term influence, gather high-dimensional power, and empower the global top blockchain ecological construction and development with community influence. It was understood that the Top One DAO Foundation launched IDO capital preservation and a steady income plan for Top One DAO contributor medal holders.
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Hotcoin Will Open Trading for KUNCI at 18:00 (GMT+8) on April .28th
Hotcoin will open KUNCI deposit services at (GMT+8) April 28, 2022 14:00; KUNCI/USDT trading and withdrawal services at (GMT+8) April 28, 2022 18:00.
Kunci is building the next generation blockchain for mass adoption, born to support penetration of NFT Marketplace, Metaverse, Decentralize Finance and the retail industry. Kunci will make blockchain technology easy to use and applicable to various industries. Plus, we already have up to 52 hotels, operate 22K mining machines nationwide, and are developing AAA games and more.
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APLink, the First Product to Enter Armonia Ecosystem and Open a Global Ecosystem User Experience Program
APLink, As the first product leveraging Armonia Meta Chain (AMC) as underlying blockchain will be entering Armonia ecosystem and open for user account activation at 02:18 (UTC) on April 18. At the same time, APLink Global Ecosystem User Experience Reward Program will be also announced.
By activating AMC onchain accounts and participating in Armonia's multi-chain ecosystem applications and services, users can earn APL tokens and further participate in its ecosystem staking pool for even greater benefits.
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Hotcoin Will Open Trading for SAITAMA at 18:00 (GMT+8) on April .13th
Hotcoin will be opening the deposit service of SAITAMA at 18:00 (GMT+8) on April .12th ,2022, while the trading service of SAITAMA/USDT trading pairs will be available at 18:00 (GMT+8) on April .13th ,2022. The withdrawals of SAITAMA will be opened at 18:00 (GMT+8) on April .14th,2022.
Saitama is a community driven token / platform hoping to develop solutions to educate the next generation of investors and make everyone's encryption simple and secure. According to its white paper, the project focuses on the Z-generation investors, 93% of whom are confused or frustrated in finance. The vision of Saitama is to providing tools and content that make people comfortable with money while they invest, opening unprecedented opportunities for wealth creation. To achieve that, Saitama plans to develop its own ecosystem, including a marketplace, a smart wallet, an NFT-based launchpad platform, and a multi-channel content platform.
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Hotcoin Will Be Listing SAGD at 20:00 (GMT+8) on April.12th
According to the latest official announcement, Hotcoin will open the deposit of SAGD at 12:00 (GMT+8) on April .12th,2022, while the trading service of SAGD/USDT trading pairs will be available at 20:00 (GMT+8) on April .12th,2022. The withdrawals of SAGD will be opened at 16:00 (GMT+8) on April .13th.
With the theme of Star Wars, SAGD is composed of many planets, establishes a world view of planetary warfare, and integrates all-round content such as planetary civilization construction, management, operation, and community virtual survival.The project adopts an open construction model, and everything outside the underlying framework is built by players. Everything in the game can generate NFT,aiming to create a decentralized online virtual reality space metaverse game platform.
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Analyst: Russia May Use Bitcoin Mining to Weaken Impact of Sanctions
David Carlisle, head of policy and regulatory affairs at blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, said it would not be difficult for the Russian government or certain sanctioned entities to use mining as a way to acquire bitcoins. They could be converted into goods and services, or just cash. Countries such as Iran may have used mining of highly energy-intensive cryptocurrencies to convert their sanctioned energy sources into bitcoin and hard currency for their governments. About 4.5% of bitcoin mining activity last year occurred in Iran, potentially generating $1 billion in revenue for the Iranian government, Carlisle said. Meanwhile, Russia and Belarus have been two of the most popular countries, and some miners have relocated to Central Asia and Eastern Europe, including Russia. Carlisle lists crypto mining, cybercrime and non-compliant entities such as certain crypto exchanges as three possible avenues for Russia to weaken sanctions. However, given the size of Russia's economy and financial markets, cryptocurrencies are unlikely to play a significant role in helping Russia circumvent sanctions.
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Quality project financing monitoring
DeFi Transaction terminal MetaGalaFinance
Close $5 million financing, Shim
A Capital and others participated
Investors: Shima Capital, Winte
mute, Impossible Finance, Mirana Ventures, Le
gos Capital, HoneyDAO, Nima Capital, D1 Ventu
Res, Woodstock and others participated
Project Introduction: MetaGalaFinance
Yes - One-stop diversified converged trading platform
- A DeFi trading terminal, providing chain
Details of the spot market and the decentralized AMM trading platform
NFT, options, contracts and bond markets are also planned in the future
Type of product information that the platform allows Web3 traders to monitor any
What assets flow up the chain.
Track breakdown: DeFi
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"Pangu" opened up the heaven and earth, and Hershey's FST Valentine's Day is coming!
According to the official news, Hersbit FST will be officially launched on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2022, on the Pangu fstswap exchange! According to reliable sources, Hersbit FST is a DeFi financial project initiated by a number of large community alliances and promoted by several countries overseas. fst will be a shining new star of Pangu fstswap exchange. will FST become the new driving force of Pangu community and how will FST promote fstswap exchange? Let's wait and see!
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Cosmic Mission set up a meta-cosmic laboratory
Cosmic Mission takes the development of community DAO as the core leading structure to link the development of ecology, which is supported by the community at home and abroad. The 800 whitelist is faster than expected.
CM is the ecological embodiment of the value of blockchain facing the age of the meta-universe. Its core goal is to establish a highly autonomous, secure, positive and powerful exchange and value mining blockchain network.
In 2022 cosmic Mission established meta-cosmic laboratory for the second quarter to accelerate the landing.
CM meta-universe is based on the community DAO as the link. The meta-universe chain tour created by CM adopts the combination of virtual and real scenes. On the basis of the current blockchain game, a variety of new scene elements are added, giving stronger rules of the game, making the game more interactive and entertaining, and more in line with the ultimate purpose of the game.
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FES Ecology surpasses expectations and users continue to spike! On the first day of the launch of the Five Elements Bingo game, the number of global user registrations exceeded 10,000, and the total deposit exceeded 10 million FEC
Just a day before, the world-leading Five Elements System blockbuster APP was officially launched at 11:38 GMT+8. The first cycle of the five elements bidding kicked off and the results were announced at 12 noon today.
Within an hour after the APP was launched, the number of downloads exceeded 8,000, and the number of visits to the official website in a short period of time reached 50,000. At one point, both the official website and APP registration channel were taking some time to load as the traffic was too congested. 
Within 24 hours of the launch, the cumulative number of new registrations exceeded 10,000, and the totalled amount deposited into the APP exceeded 10 million FEC. According to the current FEC price, that is about 1.8 million US dollars. In the first round of FES five-element bingo bidding, a total of 20,000 people participated in the bidding, and the amount of FEC bids reached 6 million.
Following the first cycle of bidding, the highest amount of reward reached 100,000 FEC, and all participating users achieved an increase in the total amount of FEC held- realising the game concept of "everyone’s a winner"; a truly unprecedented event!
Furthermore, when more world-renowned chain game unions enter the market, the bidding game will also become increasingly exhilarating as the reward amount that can be divided will definitely increase. 
In the upcoming alliance competition that FES has in its plans, the winning alliance will have the opportunity to obtain rare NFTs and share millions of airdrop rewards. This will certainly attract a large number of chain game enthusiasts. So what are you waiting for? Invite friends to register together today and you can get bonus FEC for new players as well as referral rewards. Don't miss it!
Download address:
Official website:
Official Twitter in Chinese:
Official Twitter English:
Chinese Telegram Community:
English Telegram Community:
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FES CMO Marcus: The collaboration of metaverse and NFT creates a dynamic and innovative space
At 11:00 a.m. on January 8th, Marcus, Marketing Director of FES, was a guest at a livestream on Mars Finance. Though the broadcast was only around an hour long, it attracted more than 50,000 views! During the conversation, Marcus said that bringing the Metaverse and NFT together creates a dynamic and innovative space. The Metaverse is where anyone can express their original ideas and become their truest selves, and based on blockchain and NFT properties, these users can truly own their creations.
According to reports, FES is a transcending high-tech enterprise and one of the most influential website technology providers. Five Elements Bingo is the first chain game that FES has built with the concept idea of the Chinese five elements. It uses the bidding mechanism to value-adds the circulation of FEC, and maximizes the P2E concept whereby "Everyone's a winner".
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2021 Global Digital Economy Summit Forum will be held on December 30, 2021
The 2021 Global Digital Economy Summit Forum, hosted by DTU Global, will be held at 8:00 am GMT+8 on December 30, 2021. 
The organizer, DTU Global, is a global enterprise that is deeply engaged in data integration, data analysis and application. The summit aims to explore the latest trends and technologies of the digital economy together with industry leaders, and conduct resource integration and in-depth cooperation to create services on the chain. Complete ecosystem.
There were also projects to share at the conference such as the launching ceremony of the Global Digital Trade Development Foundation DTDF, the FES Five Elements Bingo game, DTC Swap's DTC chain decentralized exchange and MBD digital terminal. In order to comply with the needs and changes of the global integrated market, this event brought together leaders in the digital industry from all over the world to share the latest trends and technologies in the global digital.
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El Salvador to Issue $1 Billion in BTC Bonds and Use $500 Million of It to Buy More BTC
Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- The president of El Salvador has confirmed that he is building the first bitcoin city and will issue $1 billion in BTC bonds on the bitcoin sidechain Liquid. By issuing Bitcoin bonds to fund the construction of Bitcoin City's infrastructure. El Salvador's president plans to use $500 million of the $1 billion BTC bond to buy more bitcoin.
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U.S. Congressmen Ask House Speaker to Revise Encryption Provisions in Infrastructure Law
Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Ten members of the U.S. House of Representatives have sent a joint letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling on Pelosi to address the encryption provisions in the infrastructure law. The letter was signed by Darren Soto, Ro Khanna, Stacey Plaskett, Eric Swalwell, Tim Ryan, Susan Wild, Marc Veasey, Jake Auchincloss, Al Lawson and Charlie Crist. The letter emphasizes that "those who profit in the cryptocurrency market should pay a fair share of taxes" and urges regulators to ensure that crypto does not make it easier for criminals to circumvent laws and regulations. We must regulate cryptocurrencies sensibly, but the legislation should not undermine the crypto industry when it comes to regulation.
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IFINEX, parent company of Bitfinex, announces partnership with El Salvador to create regulatory framework for digital assets and securities
Market news: IFINEX, the parent company of trading platform Bitfinex, announced a partnership with El Salvador to create a regulatory framework for digital assets and securities. 
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