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ANT's internal conflict arises, John Light contacts the Malaysian foundation
2019-03-04 17:01:25 Primitive Reading

 According to reports, recently, John Light, a core member of the ANT public chain, known as the "team brain", is suspected of leaving the ANT public chain due to various reasons. The team had an irreconcilable dispute before, and many media visits caused an uproar in the industry.

John Light single-handedly wrote the yellow paper of the ANT public chain, which promoted the technical realization of ANT. As a genius programmer, he successfully obtained a master's degree and a doctorate degree in the Department of Computer Science of the University of York in the United Kingdom. A free software advocate and contributor, a fan of the philosophy and culture of peer-to-peer technology, and a consultant to cryptocurrency startups and investors, John Light completed the ANT early C++ version client and prototype display client in one breath in two years. As well as a series of development tasks such as the official client Geth based on the Go language, it has left a strong mark in the history of the ANT public chain and even the blockchain.
WOLOT Foundation

WOLOT Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Malaysia. WOLOT was created to promote and support the development of the digital online ecosystem "Digital Gold Chain" to serve global SMEs.
The WOLOT Foundation will organize conferences, seminars and social networking events to cultivate SMEs and users to build and join the blockchain ecosystem and understand its benefits. Collect feedback to better improve the ecosystem. WOLOT will also support technology developers looking to build applications, tools and projects within the ecosystem.

It is reported that since its establishment, the WOLOT Foundation has always aimed to "solve the development problems of small and medium-sized enterprises", using blockchain, AI and other technologies to empower big data and continue to innovate and develop. Its digital gold chain has completed the development and testing of the system in a short period of time, directly connected to several major platforms to test the water (without ICO), and obtained good feedback.

This time, the WOLOT Foundation valued the development of the ANT public chain, but it took the initiative to meet with it but got a closed door. The team members wanted to control the development of the ANT public chain. John Light believed that such a closed door would be harmful to the further development of the public chain. However, they contacted the head of the WOLOT Foundation alone, and they did not disclose any news for a week. Whether the news of this meeting will change the direction of the ANT public chain is unknown to the outside world.

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