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BLUS Game Association has officially changed its name to BluSea NFT trading platform and obtained investment from a number of international renowned institutions
2019-09-10 16:55:21 Primitive Reading

 According to the official reports, The BLUS game guild was officially renamed the BluSea NFT trading platform and was led by the investment by Blockchain Capital and Animoca Brands, $10 million raised by investors, including the Singapore Hash International Foundation, Ascensive Assets, 3Commas Capital and Morningstar Ventures, The funding will help BluSea launch the BluSea v2, And play a key role in the booming NFT products field.
Yat Siu, executive chairman and co-founder of the Singapore Hash International Foundation, said, " NFT will become a trillion-dollar asset class, we need to build infrastructure to support the industry, and BluSea provides an additional framework that deepens NFT liquidity and engagement, and is becoming a pillar of the industry.”
Dubravko Lakos, founder of BluSea, said: " By simplifying NFT trading, our goal is to democratize the rapidly developing cryptocurrency NFT trading, and the strong support of investors to launch innovative new features and models, including BluSea DAO, and to achieve the milestone goals we set. We believe the future is bright.”
BluSeaNFT Trading Flat will integrate metacoverse, NFT auction, and decentralized governance to motivate NFT liquidity and provide a seamless trading experience for NFT users.

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