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Blockchain games will usher in a new trend, Obacu enters the field of blockchain games
2021-06-13 21:03:20 Primitive Reading

 According to Obacu: It was a coincidence that we met at the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami, and we had a very pleasant exchange with each other. When it comes to blockchain games, everyone's thoughts are unanimous that the GameFi field can bring great changes to the world.
Since 2020, both blockchain games and the metaverse have been the focus of the world. The concept of the metaverse, which was proposed in the 1990s, has been "resurrected" in another form 30 years later. In 2021, it will be recognized by the masses. In the GameFi field, the metaverse ushered in a highlight moment this year, and the world's major companies have deployed the metaverse to make blockchain closer to our lives.

Obacu said that he will create a team in the near future to jump out of the traditional charging mode and free mode, so that players are not bound by traditional games, and truly freely dominate all the assets in the game, creating a new game experience in the P2E mode, when playing games It can also gain benefits and establish an independent economic system that is different from the real world, allowing our users to enjoy a different survival experience in the virtual world and feel the fun and gains brought by the game.
Obacu has many years of experience in the traditional game field, and has successively launched a number of global phenomenon-level game products, with solid game development skills and rich operational experience. He believes that he can be almost perfect in the development and design of financial products.
So let's look forward to the arrival of Obacu's production of blockchain games and witness the new development in the field of blockchain.

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