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CIYYA Venture Capital:The top team incubates quality projects to seize the international market
2016-05-07 10:00:00 Primitive Reading

 Since its establishment, CIYYA Venture Capital has become a leader in the industry with its deep background, strong strength and professional team. The continuous development and growth of CIYYA Venture Capital has injected strong momentum and continuous vitality into the industry.

CIYYA Venture Capital, as a venture capital management enterprise, was founded in 2015, headquartered in Singapore, by a team of top people, experts, scholars, successful entrepreneurs and so on. CIYYA Venture Capital is committed to helping startups in Asia achieve rapid growth and leap-forward development through efficient integration of capital and resources.

Over the years, CIYYA Venture Capital has been focusing on standardized and professional investment and fund management, to provide investors with the most professional and safe services. CIYYA Venture Capital has an objective, fair and transparent investment decision-making mechanism, and is equipped with an industry-leading investment service team, in order to continue to provide investors with high-end investment boutique services.

In the future development plan, CIYYA Venture Capital will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "respecting entrepreneurs, caring employees, continuous improvement and giving back to the society", and provide first-class institutional venture capital management services. Strong support is given to entrepreneurial projects from technical support, personnel organization, targeted investment of funds, strategic resources and all-round consultation.
1. Business incubation
CIYYA Venture Capital will build a series of comprehensive service platforms from start-up guidance, project screening, incubation acceleration, and industry insight, providing the most comprehensive and professional start-up support services for young entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises.
2. Capital operation
CIYYA Venture Capital will strengthen the selection of investment objects, as well as the construction of excellent enterprise portfolio, and strive to build an investment platform with strong fund operation. Relying on the strong cooperation network, we can achieve the rapid collection of high-quality assets and achieve the goal of diversified asset allocation.
3. Professional investment
CIYYA Venture Capital will strive to create professional investment strategies in various segments, and realize investment income from more excellent enterprises through comprehensive means such as market research, industry insight and investment opportunity grasp. Grasp the opportunity, to better grasp the future.
4. International perspective
CIYYA Venture Capital plans to expand from the domestic to the global direction, actively seek international resources, strengthen strategic cooperation with relevant global enterprises, introduce more international advanced technology, products and capital into the Chinese market, and promote the continuous improvement of the quality and level of Chinese industry.

As a new investment management service company, CIYYA Venture Capital keeps innovating in the service entrepreneurship sector, pursuing continuous progress and innovative solutions:
1. Innovative investment concepts for the future
CIYYA Venture Capital adheres to the concept of innovative investment. Through the deep understanding of the capital market, the application and exploration of intelligent solutions, Ciyya Venture Capital constantly improves its innovative characteristics in emerging fields, and comprehensively improves the investment quality and service quality of the entrepreneurial sector.
2. Strict risk control system
At the initial stage of Capital investment, CIYYA Venture Capital carries out strict financial audit and financing risk assessment, strictly controls the risks of each investment, and sets up a risk early warning mechanism to ensure capital safety, investment stability and avoid losses.
3. Full support for start-ups
CIYYA Venture Capital not only provides financial support to start-ups, but also provides a comprehensive service platform covering consulting, technology, market, products and other aspects to provide all-round support and help to the invested objects, so that entrepreneurs can focus on their own ideas.

With strong investment strength, strong resource integration ability and professional technical service level, we will continue to support the top team of West Asia Venture Capital to incubate quality projects and seize the strength and future of the international market!

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