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Computing power is productivity, SolaRoad initiates a revolution in computing power from technology to incentives
2023-03-11 19:32:14 Primitive Reading

 Currently, the importance of computing power has been raised to new heights. As a new productive force in the era of digital economy, computing power plays an important role in promoting technological progress, digital transformation of industries, and human economic and social development. The development of global computing power is facing challenges such as diversified applications and unbalanced supply and demand. The rise of emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, and metaverses has promoted the rapid growth of computing power, multiple innovations in computing technology, and the restructuring and reshaping of the industrial structure.
Therefore, AI computing power has become the main increase in the development of the digital economy in various countries , and it is also the foundation of the digital economy era.
Computing power represents a new type of productivity. Whoever has the computing power for the development of the digital economy industry in the future will have the ultimate power to lead the development of the digital economy industry in the future; in the past, when we talked about computing power and the operating mechanism of information construction, we may focus on the Internet, infrastructure and software systems At this stage, the application of AI computing power is shifting from To C (consumer) to To B (enterprise) and To G (government). Outstanding; in the future, under the intensity of high computing power, it is necessary to have timely response, as well as the ability to analyze and apply personalized data in different industries.
With the demand and competition for AI computing power, the SolaRoad distributed supercomputing public chain came into being.
SolaRoad is a global data center infrastructure provider and service provider. Its business covers IDC data center, data security, cloud computing, DNS&CDN, system research and development, etc.
The SolaRoad distributed supercomputing public chain will provide multi-centralized supercomputing computing power leasing services for clients, Web3 organizations, and enterprise users, and build a supercomputing cluster based on the SOLA-G7 computing power server through the blockchain chain model , mainly to build a decentralized digital intelligence fusion AI computing power system, serving global AI companies and digital economy companies.
Compared with traditional cloud computing services, which can provide users with decentralized machines and services, SolaRoad connects distributed computing power from all over the world. The investment and use of idle resources makes the computing power cost of artificial intelligence more obvious. reduce. In addition, SolaRoad adopts the model of "on-chain consensus, off-chain computing". Among them, the computing nodes under the chain are not constrained by the consensus algorithm, and the computing power of multiple nodes can be combined through concurrent programming. Even in the face of heavy computing tasks of artificial intelligence, SolaRoad can provide it with a steady stream of computing power services.
High-end Challenges Faced by AI Computing Power
the threshold for applying AI computing power is too high ;
Second, the application of AI computing power in traditional industrial scenarios is contradictory and the incentive mechanism is insufficient ;
In order to solve the above problems and break the crisis of computing power, SolaRoad started to challenge from the technology. First, we need to understand how computing power works. Taking AI computing power as an example, CPU, GPU, DSP, etc. can all run computing power , but There is still a dedicated AI computing power chip, why? It is also related to computing power.

  • CPU (central processing unit) is a general-purpose processor that can handle everything, like a Swiss army knife, which can do everything but is not professional and efficient.
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a processor specially used to process graphics and images. Compared with CPU, the type of data processed by GPU is single. Because of computing power and AI computing power, it is easy to form a large cluster, so when performing AI computing, performance, Many aspects such as power consumption are far superior to CPUs, and are often used to process AI operations.
  • DSP (digital signal processor) is specially used to process digital signals. DSP is similar to GPU and will also be used for AI computing, such as Qualcomm's mobile phone SoC.
AI computing chip is a chip specially used to process AI-related calculations. This is different from the "part-time" AI computing of CPU, GPU, and DSP. Even the most efficient GPU has a gap compared with AI computing chips. AI The computing power chip surpasses the various processors mentioned above in terms of delay, performance, power consumption, and energy efficiency ratio. SolaRoad uses TPU as the professional chip for AI computing power . The main computing resources of TPU are:
  • Matrix Multiply Unit: Matrix multiplication unit
  • Accumulators: store the intermediate results of the matrix multiplication and addition output
  • Activation: activate the unit
  • Unified Buffer: unified cache
The processing speed of TPU is 15-30 times faster than that of GPU and CPU, and in terms of energy efficiency, TPU has increased by 30 to 80 times. This is not surprising, because the CNN operation run by TPU is mainly matrix multiplication, which is the advantage of special chips. .
At the same time, SolaRoad is the incentive layer on top of the HPCS high-performance intelligent computing distributed network to create a larger, lower cost and more efficient huge computing power chain network creation and receiving distribution scheduling network, which is different from the traditional centralized computing power network. With the cloud computing power network , SolaRoad will build the world's largest intelligent computing cluster resource pool.
HPCS gathers big data + AI computing power through SolaRoad's incentive layer, enabling large models and major scientific research innovations, and incubating new applications. Then realize the network of computing power, reduce the cost of computing power, improve computing energy efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for AI computing power for another industrial revolution and civilization leap in human society.
SolaRoad is to build the world's largest high-performance distributed supercomputing network, laying a solid foundation for AI computing power for another industrial revolution in human society and a leap in civilization. As a high-performance distributed supercomputing platform, SolaRoad will bring together consensus members from all over the world and plan to build 700,000 active hosts, which can easily support the expansion of the cluster to the scale of 10,000 cards, and reduce the end-to-end delay by 90%. Thus providing efficient green computing power for applications such as artificial intelligence.
SolaRoad builds the world's largest computing resource pool
At present, the spatial area of the global computing power center is not enough, the data assets are difficult to get through, and the content of computing power application is insufficient, which are the challenges of AI computing power application at this stage. SolaRoad will accelerate the construction of artificial intelligence computing centers. In SolaRoad's view, the future computing center is not defined for a certain industry, enterprise or customer, but focuses on global industrial collaboration.

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