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CryptoBlades: Kingdoms Asia, launching soon
2021-11-01 20:09:35 Primitive Reading

 According to official news, CryptoBlades: Kingdoms Asia has announced its upcoming launch.

CryptoBlades: Kingdoms Asia, an exclusive Asian regional chain game jointly developed by Riveted Games and K&K, is a role-playing game based on the KLAY smart chain (KLAY), which combines NFT and RPG. The NFT in the game is divided into Combat Characters CryptoBlades Characters (CBC) and Combat Weapons CryptoBlades Weapon (CBW), and SKILL Token is used for in-game reward distribution and transaction circulation.

KLAY Smartchain is a service-centric, enterprise-class distributed trust blockchain platform. It combines the best features of public blockchains (decentralized data and control, distributed governance) and private blockchains (low latency, high scalability) through an efficient "hybrid" design.

Riveted Games is a game development company founded in 2014 with extensive experience in game development, and has published games on major game platforms such as steam and won several awards. Riveted Games' expertise and experience will help retain users and give the game a chance to progress in the long run.

The development model of blockchain fusion games paints a picture of an unprecedented era, an era of a meta-universe that can parallel the real world, be both fun and profitable, and easily enable the intersection of cultural creation, social interaction and social thinking.

Games are not just a technical skill, they are a 21st century way of thinking and leading; they are not just for fun, they are a 21st century way of working together to achieve real change," as stated in "Games Change the World".

With a strong support background and its own perfect game model, CryptoBlades is sure to become a new legend in the Asian chain game industry.

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