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DAO, it is a redemption journey for mining machine energy.
2017-06-29 10:37:59 Primitive Reading

 As Bitcoin has gained widespread recognition around the world, the "value" it represents has also increased. Sometimes, one Bitcoin can be exchanged for about $2,500 in cash, which has attracted more and more individuals and teams to spend a lot of resources to "mine" this "digital gold". 
The process can be simple likened to gold mining, with many bitcoin "miners" or "mines" mining all year round through cryptocurrency mining machines to continuously acquire bitcoin wealth. 
Behind this wealth code, the power consumption of bitcoin mining machines is staggering. According to an index of bitcoin power consumption published by researchers in Cambridge, if bitcoin were a country, it would rank among the top 40 in terms of electricity consumption, which is beyond people's imagination. Unless the BTC price falls significantly, electricity consumption will continue to grow. 
Recently, a decentralized autonomous organization called DAO went viral online, which attracted the attention of many celebrities in the Internet and block chain industry.The DAO is an autonomous community organization founded by a group of geeks based on their vision of web3.0 who focuses on solving the problem that the Internet oligopoly monopolizes industry resources and mining machine energy recycling, in order to reduce global carbon emissions. People in the real world can enter the world of Web3.0 through DAO, which will strive to create a circular economy system unique in the world and a decentralized virtual world that always runs continuously.
As the popularity of the DAO spread, more and more talented people participated in the event dedicated to mining machine energy solutions and joined the DAO during that time.The DAO will be a new star in the concept of decentralized autonomous organization( DAO) in 2018.

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