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DELTA2.0 DAO Governance Incubation Ecology Built on DeFi Financial Ecology
2022-02-27 18:23:42 Primitive Reading


As we all know 2021 is the year of DeFi finance, blockchain technology applications enter the application landing phase with the popularity of DeFi and opens up disruptive innovations in blockchain tracks such as NFT, GameFi, Web3.0, Metaverse, and SocailFi, which are the core drivers of the bull market in 2021.
DELTA was born at the end of 2020 when DeFi was mature and prevalent, with the mission to serve more users in centralized finance to participate in the ecology of DeFi digital finance. Through one year's efforts, it has guided hundreds of thousands of traditional finance users to participate in DeFi finance and gain significant benefits, and formed the DELTA DeFi finance community covering millions of users in 5 countries worldwide, which is The foundation of DELTA DAO incubation ecology.
With the deepening of blockchain technology innovation, more innovative, landing and expanding products continue to emerge, only in the second half of 2021, NFT, GameFi, Web3.0 and other tracks emerged, and new products launched in a spurt, for the traditional market users, it is more difficult to grasp the track and opportunities that emerge in the market in a timely manner, the first needed education and guidance issues.
DELTA2.0 is based on DELTA DeFi financial community, using DAO governance, through incubation, cooperation, self-research and other ways to layout the market's popular track products and services, to win profitability in the market first, leading more users to experience decentralized products and services, gold blockchain industry.

DELTA2.0 is driven by the community through DAO organization, play the wisdom and advantages of community members, follow the market hotspots, build an incubation community ecology covering digital security, DeFijinrong, NFT, GameFi, Web3.0, Metaverse, DAO, SocailFi and other fields of innovative applications, the community around DELTA Token The community establishes sustainable operation of technology, operation, incubation and other DAO organizations, ecological products to empower DELTA Token as the goal, to achieve the DELTA DAO community incubation ecological value of common construction and sharing.
DELTA DAO follows the market development trend, takes the responsibility of continuously expanding the application boundary of blockchain technology, pays close attention to the market innovation track and hotspots, continues to provide living and competitive products and services for DELTA community ecology, adheres to the principles of fairness, justice and openness, co-creation, sharing and win-win, and makes in-depth layout in digital security, digital finance, digital life and digital entertainment.
In the field of digital security, DELTA2.0 launched the basic service product multi-chain digital wallet, which takes the security of users' assets as the primary obligation and becomes the entrance of DELTA DApp application ecology, and now supports BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, Polygon, Arbitrum, Cosmos and other networks; and actively expands the service of cross-chain of multi-chain assets to Break the digital barrier, so that users can swap assets between multiple chains quickly and in real time, and tap the value of cross-chain market.

On the basis of DELTA DeFi financial ecology, Digital Finance expands DEX, lending, liquidity mining, asset cross-chain business, and plans to carry out DeFi2.0 related products, and open LPs liquidity pool incentive to realize the joint sitting of ecological users, all users who add LPs liquidity will get 2% of DELTA buy transaction fee and 10% of transfer fee.
Blockchain technology is reconstructing the Web2.0 world and creating Web3.0 where data belongs to individuals, DELTA will cast NFT encrypted identity system for DELTA community members and incubate DApps including SocailFi, Web3.0 track to create rich digital life products for DELTA community.

GameFi is the field with the strongest landing, expansion and market application type after DeFi and NFT. GameFi effectively integrates mature forms such as NFT and DeFi, subversively reconfigures the existing game model, and Play to Earn injects a new positive system for games and entertainment, laying a solid foundation for the Metaverse universe to prosper. Metaverse (metaverse) is the beginning of human constructing virtual world, DELTA DAO will lead more users to enter the Metaverse world and create DELTA cultural attributes such as cultural museum, art space and other digital entertainment.
DELTA 2.0 adopts the form of DAO organization to realize community governance and common construction and sharing, all DELTA Token holders can participate in the governance of DELTA community, initiate proposals on DELTA ecology, vote on proposals, make decisions on ecological incubation projects, etc., and enjoy the priority rights of ecological incubation projects, whitelist rights, etc. DELTA is owned by the community. The value of DELTA belongs to all DELTA holders.
Thanks for your attention to DELTA 2.0!

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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