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Decentralised flow financial aggregation system Borderless Finance is about to launch Genesis airdro
2021-08-28 17:06:23 Primitive Reading


According to official news, borderless finance will launch boce Genesis airdrop at 8:00 AM on September 1, 2021.

Total airdrop: 1,050,000,000 BOCE

Requirements: log in to https://dapp.boce.finance to become a valid user to participate.

Time: September 1st – long-term

Incentive payment: 10,000 BOCE is awarded to determine the invitation relationship.

About Borderless Finance

Borderless Finance is the world's leading decentralised flow financial aggregation system, integrating flow aggregation, aggregate mining, gathering reasonable wealth, and aggregation trading. Relying on the decentralised financial blue sea, the system creates aggregation flow pool through innovative economic models, and is committed to becoming a superflow aggregator and a value fission aggregator in the field of DeFi, realising a decentralised financial world in which one person can participate freely.

BOCE contract address: 0x0d61783d73d45cb550670e1cd0af405d7d0984a0

Official site:https://boce.finance


Twitter:@Borderless Finance


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