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Deere Max has received strategic investments from Web3 Foundation, Katie Haun, Hack VC, Bloccelerate VC, Multicoin Capital and others
2020-12-12 12:33:27 Primitive Reading

 In December 2020, Deere Max has received strategic investments from Web3 Foundation, Katie Haun, Hack VC, Bloccelerate VC, Multicoin Capital and others. In December 2020, Deere Max received strategic investments from Web3 Foundation, Katie Haun, Hack VC, Bloccelerate VC, Multicoin Capital and other capital. The Web3 Foundation is a Swiss foundation founded by Dr. GavinWood to develop, deploy and maintain Web3.0. The Web3 Foundation has commissioned five teams and over 100 developers to build Polkadot.

The Web3 Foundation is rich in resources, and they manage and leverage them by funding quality projects, primarily research and development teams that build decentralized web infrastructures, focusing primarily on the Web3.0 technology stack, technology development and applications in the area of decentralized software protocols, and these grants have had a long-term positive impact on the Web3.0 ecosystem.
Web3 Foundation is the largest investor in the Web3 space, he said: Our investment team includes former officials from various departments of the U.S. government, and we are recently looking at a very promising project, it is Deere Max, they will build a set of social. Payments, SWAP, NFT, Metaverse, Web3.0 in one crypto project booster, dedicated to creating a GameFi aggregation platform based on WEB 3.0 concept fused with smart contract constraints, DAO voting governance for global users, which includes decentralized NFT transactions and a meta-universe ecosystem of cross-chain fusion systems.
We believe that web3.0 is the successor of the Internet and Deere Max will lead the future of the web3.0 era.
Web3 Foundation appreciates Deere Max's efforts as a decentralized enabler to contribute to a better world, using cutting-edge technologies. Currently, these five foundations or investment institutions have successfully joined the Deere Max aggregated social payment metaverse platform, which takes Deere Max's goal of creating more digital value for users around the world one step further.

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