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Deere Wallet Blockchain Technology Lab established with Deere Plan project
2019-12-21 19:57:00 Primitive Reading

 Deere Wallet Blockchain Technology Lab is composed of Deere Wallet International Foundation as the development platform and a globally renowned blockchain technology research team, and has successfully accepted a technical alliance from the Blockchain Lab team at the Institute for the Future of Silicon Valley. Its purpose is to work together to comprehensively address the innovation and support of key points of blockchain technology for the application of diverse scenarios of Deere Wallet multi-chain wallet. The team is composed of ten technical technology talents with in-depth development of blockchain technology, including Aselink, the co-founder of Blockchain Lab and a senior blockchain investor, and Patrick Philip, who has 6 years of operation and management experience in the finance and wealth industry and has deep research on the development of blockchain project applications.
In blockchain technology to build Deere Wallet multi-chain wallet consensus protocol, cryptographic security, cross-chain protocol and other technology research and application, with business social and financial and other diversified application scenarios as a breakthrough, the first to achieve an autonomous industrial grade / financial grade blockchain system.
At present, Blockchain Lab sets out seven research directions of Deere Wallet multi-chain wallet, including: consensus protocol, cryptographic security and privacy protection, blockchain technology combined with trusted execution environment, cross-chain protocol, smart contract language and overall security analysis, blockchain technology combined with IoT, and blockchain technology combined with secure multi-party computing. Fundamentally, we guarantee the asset security of every user on Deere Wallet multi-chain wallet platform and the sense of technology experience in diversified application scenarios.
From the technical exploration to the landing scenario to form today's Deere Wallet multi-chain wallet, Deere Wallet Blockchain Technology Lab has gone through a long period of continuous exploration and summary and technological innovation, and finally has the world's most comprehensive, widely used, highly efficient and secure Deere Wallet multi-chain wallet value platform.

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