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Deere plan Launching Ceremony and Global Strategy Tour Launch in Germany Successfully Concluded!
2022-04-09 11:12:38 Primitive Reading

 The German leg of the Deere plan launch ceremony and global strategy tour organized by Deere plan was held and successfully concluded on April 8 th. The event was attended by hundreds of blockchain industry experts, community leaders, as well as many media and executives from venture capital firms.

Kraken, Vice President of Global Engineering at Deere plan, spoke at the event and shared his thoughts on the metaverse industry and his expectations for Deere plan.
Kraken said: In recent years, the blockchain industry is growing rapidly, and more and more people want to participate in this field, and now the metaverse has become a "windfall", which is a virtual world parallel to the real world built by digital technology. In terms of application areas, metaverse will involve games, social, entertainment, office and other areas.

 In most descriptions, VR and games are considered to be the infrastructure of the metaverse. What our Deere plan team wants to do is to combine games, social and crypto economy in one, to open up the interoperability of virtual world and real life, and to build a huge meta-universe, aiming to make more people understand the Mars migration plan through game mining, immersive experience, and sharing, and then sign up to migrate to Mars, so as to bring more new possibilities for the future development and inheritance of human civilization.

It is very difficult for any company to do this. But Deere plan team has done it. The virtual universe civilization constructed by Deere metaverse encompasses the planetary science fiction world and is open to the ecological self-build of gamers, who can realize the virtual assets of the game NFT through LUWA while getting the super metaverse game experience. In this parallel world, every player can become the Creator and complete the ascension of human from carbon-based life to silicon-based life, which is a very great thing, and I hope we may open the next era of the future together."
There was thunderous applause and approval of Kraken's statement. At the end of the roadshow, Kraken, vice president of global engineering of Deere plan, also expressed his vision for Deere plan, which will open up planetary exploration and will continue to attract more users, thus advancing the development of Deere plan worldwide.

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