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DimensionChain: Building a truly unified metaverse ecosystem based on the metaverse economic system
2022-03-17 18:22:21 Primitive Reading


With the hot development of "metaverse", more and more experts in the industry suggest that to build a truly unified metaverse, a "cross-universe" mechanism is needed to ensure that in different universes, they can all operate with the same identity, instead of becoming a doppelganger of one parallel universe. The "cross-universe" mechanism is needed to ensure that all the different universes can operate with the same identity, instead of being doppelgangers of one parallel universe. Based on this, only blockchain can provide such technology to transfer digital assets across universes.

As an international high-performance public chain, DimensionChain breaks through the "impossible triangle" of blockchain, based on the metaverse economic system, and is committed to building a high-performance, scalable and secure decentralized public chain for the meta-universe ecology, breaking the silo effect, building a truly unified metaverse ecology, and continuously amplifying the metaverse economic value.



Metaverse Economic System


At present, the digital economy is an economic activity with data as the main production factor, which includes not only the production, circulation and consumption of material products, but also the creation, exchange and consumption of digital products. In other words, whether it is material products or immaterial products, as long as digital technology or data is used in any part of production, circulation and consumption, it is the scope of the digital economy. And the metaverse economy strictly limits all aspects of the creation, exchange and consumption of digital products to be done in the digital world.


The metaverse economy is a special form of the digital economy, reflecting the special nature of the metaverse economy. The metaverse economy is at the same time an integral part of the digital economy, which necessarily reflects the general characteristics of the digital economy. Elements of the metaverse economy include digital creation, digital assets, digital market, digital currency, and digital consumption. Its characteristics are obviously different from the traditional economy, manifesting as the unity of planning and market, production and consumption, regulation and freedom, and behavior and credit. The characteristics of the meta-universe economy determine that it is an excellent sample for an in-depth study of the digital economy, and has profound implications for the establishment of a digital economic system.



DimensionChain: Open the entrance of metaverse and build a unified metaverse system


Based on the original intention of "building a 'chain network' to achieve seamless interconnection of various blockchains", DimensionChain has laid out in popular fields such as metaverse, gamefi and NFT, and launched applications to assist the construction of various fields, such as Dimension Wallet and Dimension Swap, aiming to build a fair, transparent, inclusive and closely connected decentralized world, so that heterogeneous chains are no longer independent of each other and any data can interact smoothly, changing the traditional way of trading crypto assets, accelerating the landing of blockchain applications in various industries, and allowing "interconnection of all chains and interoperability of values".



It is worth emphasizing that DimensionChain, which was born for linking transactions and values and is truly decentralized, takes linking each blockchain and each metaverse as its development mission, strives to break the monopoly of the three centralized exchanges, build a chain network and even a multi-metaverse, become the infrastructure of the future multi-blockchain and multi-metaverse, and establish a truly open, transparent and inclusive decentralized world.

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