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Dimension Labs Announces DimensionChain White Paper v1.0
2021-12-28 19:08:59 Primitive Reading

 In December 2021, Dimension labs officially released DimensionChain white paper v1.0 to the public. According to the white paper, DimensionChain will go live on the official website, test network and main network one after another in 2022, and release the pass DSCC for ecological circulation pass.

What is DimensionChain?
DimensionChain solves the blockchain SHD completeness and balanced value challenges, aiming to create a mature, balanced and efficient world of value delivery and build a transformative metaverse base public chain for all applications requiring high security, fast execution and predictable economics.
Highlights of DimensionChain.
1. The biggest advantage of DimensionChain is the CBC-Dimension-based consensus algorithm and the Dimension protocol that extends on top of it.
CBC-Dimension extends the blockchain by proving consensus of interest and open and permissionless access without sacrificing decentralization, and is a solution proposed by the internal team of EtherChain to switch consensus from POW to POS. The Dimension protocol is not only a secure and active consensus model under the concept of Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), but also further achieves two The DimensionChain is not only a secure and active consensus model under the concept of Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), but also achieves two further important improvements, making the threshold of network certainty higher and enabling a flexibility that is unavailable in typical BFT models, making the DimensionChain powerful and dynamic.
2. Without sacrificing availability, DimensionChain solves the enterprise's impossible triangle problem - that is, it effectively balances the needs of decentralization, network security and scalability.
Unlike most other protocols, projects can centrally manage on-chain code on-demand using the basic tools provided by DimensionChain. This means that enterprises can run and test new contracts without the overhead of a full node infrastructure, and make process improvements and operational tuning on an evolving underlying architecture.
3. DimensionChain has built the Dimension AI end cloud platform, which makes it easier for enterprises to leverage the characteristics of blockchain's tamper-evident record, while empowering operations by customizing the smart contract layer for daily processes and application logic. In addition, similar to cloud computing, enterprises do not need to immediately migrate 100% to the cloud, but can independently choose which part of the infrastructure to the cloud.
4. Open language, more friendly.
A wide range of developers with Web2 or Web3 backgrounds can develop on the DimensionChain network without having to learn Solidity or other proprietary programming languages. Developers can use familiar tools and programming languages, and it can be said that DimensionChain is a blockchain that all 30 million developers around the world can use.
5、DimensionChain has a strong developer support network. DimensionChain has built the Dimension developer platform, and you can participate as long as you want to contribute to the DimensionChain ecology.
About DSCC economic system
DSCC is DimensionChain's governance pass. DimensionChain relies on DSCC to reward verifiers who protect and maintain the network, and relies on DSCC to pay network fees for on-chain operations.

The total number of DSCCs is 300 million, of which 8% are for technical dividends, locked for 10 years and distributed quarterly; 10% are for operational dividends, locked for 10 years and distributed quarterly; 8% are for public offering; 10% are for institutional investment, locked for three years and distributed quarterly starting January 2023; and 64% are for node contribution dividends.
The DimensionChain network is the first PoS blockchain based on the CBC-Dimension model. While the global developer community is struggling to transition the Ethernet network to a sustainable and scalable PoS model, DimensionChain has been built as a truly full-featured, enterprise-grade platform that implements the features envisioned in the far reaches of Ether 3.0 even before Ether 2.0 has taken shape.

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