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Dimension Labs and LeibnizAILab reached a cooperation to build the Dimension AI end-cloud collaboration platform
2020-11-13 17:04:47 Primitive Reading

 According to the latest news from Dimension Labs, Dimension Labs has reached cooperation with LeibnizAILab in Germany on the development of AI at the bottom of DimensionChain, and jointly build the Dimension AI end-cloud collaboration platform, conduct in-depth research on VR, digital immortality, metaverse, etc., and jointly promote blockchain + AI developing.

LeibnizAILab is a laboratory focused on artificial intelligence research funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, bringing together outstanding scientists from around the world, dedicated to putting "artificial intelligence" into practice and creating an excellent innovation space. Laboratory research focuses on new methods and algorithms for intelligent, reliable and responsible systems. The interdisciplinary research team integrates multiple approaches related to artificial intelligence. Intelligence is achieved through knowledge graphs, deep learning, sensor fusion and scene interpretation, probabilistic methods, and network information extraction.
Dimension Labs was established in 2018 and is composed of a group of technology geeks from all over the world. It mainly aims at the impossible triangle problem of blockchain decentralization, security and high performance, and develops a high-performance blockchain basic platform. , to provide infrastructure guarantee for WEB3.0. At present, Dimension Labs has a high-performance blockchain R&D experiment center, equipped with four core areas: Dimension data center, Dimension open developer base, Dimension blockchain laboratory, and Dimension metaverse laboratory.

The cooperation between Dimension Labs and LeibnizAILab will further enrich the laboratory's strength in the field of AI, build a more complete infrastructure at the bottom for DimensionChain to adapt to a broader development space in the future, and continue to explore for the realization of "digital immortality" in the future.
As early as August, Musk held a Neralink conference to show the world his research results-brain-computer interface. Musk said that we can implant this device in a short period of time without damaging the appearance, which is like missing a Fitbit in your head. And through such a brain-computer interface, you can directly connect to your Tesla car, including playing games. The most important point is that memory upload can also be implemented in the future! That is to say, a memory is stored in a device, and then downloaded and transferred to another new human body or robot.
According to Musk's vision, the whole people will realize "digital immortality in the future! That is to say" when a person dies, he already has his own computer expansion and online expansion, just like an online ghost, you exist more in the "cloud", not in your body. "If such an idea is really realized, perhaps the physical death of human beings is no longer death in a sense, but a new beginning!
Our lives are being greatly changed because of technology.

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