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FWNFT to open 'Community Rush' soon with seven global communities receiving quota support
2021-12-05 15:41:35 Primitive Reading

 According to IPFS news, the IPFS industry NFT pass FWNFT has completed its bidding auction program on major NFT platforms in November, with a total of 1,340 pieces auctioned this time and the remaining 7,160 pieces to be completed in December by way of community rush. Currently, seven major communities - Athena Community, Alice Community, FIL World Foundation Canada, FILW Alliance, IPFS Korean Community, FILW Swedish Community and IPFS European Union - have been awarded community credits.

FWNFT, an NFT pass on the IPFS governance layer Filewing network, IPFS distributed storage is an important solution to the NFT data storage problem. FWNFT stores NFT metadata through IPFS distributed storage to achieve permanent storage and uniqueness of metadata, which largely secures the asset security and scarcity of NFT, and will also become the future infrastructure for the entire industry. Holding FWNFT is not only a unique proof of identity and value for each IPFS consensualist, but also a symbol of IPFS eco-governorship, and will also have the right to share the revenue of the FIL Pro system.
The total number of FWNFT is 10,000 pieces, of which the Canadian FIL WORLD community has subscribed 1,500 pieces for distribution to global consensus masters in the early stage to thank the support of global consensus masters, leaving 8,500 pieces, according to the plan, the IPFS community will complete the auction through two ways: NFT platform rush and community rush. As of December 1, FWNFT has completed the auction of 1,340 FWNFTs on the five major NFT trading platforms: opensea, Rarible, Foundation, SuperRare and ODINNFT; and is scheduled to complete the sale of the remaining 7,160 FWNFTs in December through the "community rush" method. The remaining 7,160 will be offered for sale in December.
According to the official news of FILW, seven major communities, namely Athena Community, Alice Community, FIL World Foundation Canada, FILW Alliance, IPFS Korean Community, FILW Swedish Community and IPFS European Union, have been supported by the community quota, and the specific snapping time will be completed by the major communities according to their own situation by the end of December, of which FIL WORLD community has announced the latest snatch information and will open a snatch window at FIL POOL on December 7, where global consensus mavens can participate.
At present, FWNFT has already achieved inter-transfer between multiple public chains such as Ether and Coinan Smart Chain, and can be freely bid on major NFT platforms. With the launch of systems such as FIL Pro, holders of FWNFT will be able to enjoy more rights and benefits.
In the future, with the in-depth development of Web3.0, FWNFT will play a bigger role and have a broader development space with the NFT ecology and IPFS distributed storage development trend.

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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