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Farmer World PULS+ | Meta Universe Chain Tour-TWIT FARMS was born, and the glory is coming
2021-12-08 11:51:39 Primitive Reading

 Wasn't there a fund stolen incident in Farmers World some time ago? No, in the past few days, a friend asked me if there are other farm management games other than "Farmers World" that can be used for gold? The editor is here to tell everyone, yes! That is the twin brother of "Farmers World"-"TWIT FARMS".

Why are they twin brothers? This is because the R&D team of "TWIT FARMS" and the R&D team of "Farmers World" are actually the same team in the early stage. "Farmers World" is the first NFT game they co-created, but for the development direction of the game, the relevant person in charge is in There was an ambiguity in concept, and some of the team members followed one of the leaders to exit the project, and re-made and completed the upgraded farm game of "Farmers World", and named it "TWIT FARMS".

As a one-click farming game for the NFT platform, "TWIT FARMS" not only innovates on the basis of "Farmers World", but also further enhances its own property encryption section, thereby ensuring the player's personal assets Safety. Then the editor below will share with you the basic gameplay of the game "TWIT FARMS". The following content in this article is only shared as game content and does not constitute any investment advice.

In "TWIT FARMS", players are farmers. After entering the game, players can not only choose suitable tools for themselves, explore various resources, but also buy land to build huge farms and experience farmers in the "TWIT FARMS" ecosystem The infinite joy of working in China.

The main resources in the chain game "TWIT FARMS" are wood, food, and gold coins. The corresponding game tokens are FWW (Wood), FWF (Food), and FWG (Gold). Players obtain them through farm development and work. The obtained game tokens can be consumed and processed into new tools and continue to be put into production; the surplus part can be sold in the market and turned into income, realizing paly to earn in the chain game.

Of course, players must have their own tools before starting to work, such as axes, fishing rods, etc. The tools can be purchased or transferred between farmers and players. For example, use axes and saws to obtain timber coins; fishing rods and fishing boats to obtain food coins; mining machines can dig gold coins. Players can choose suitable tools according to their actual situation/funding strength.

Tools include axes, fishing rods, fishing nets, saws, etc. Different tools have different costs, functions, and benefits. The tool NFT can also be sold after it is bought. If the game continues to become popular and new players enter the market, sometimes the NFT will increase greatly.

In addition to tools and bags, for those who want to take their agriculture and mining to a new level, there are membership cards that can help increase the power and luck of your mining tools, and you can also mine the generations needed for forging. Currency and membership card in the game. To After reading this, many friends will ask, what is the rate of return of this game? In this regard, the official said that the speed of return depends on the tools purchased, market trends, players' mining strategies, and the degree of grinding of the game by players. Through the investigation, the editor believes that under normal circumstances, the cost can be recovered in about 20 days (varies with the price of the token).

So is it risky to enter the game "TWIT FARMS"? The editor can tell you responsibly that the risk of "TWIT FARMS" is extremely small compared to other games. The risk of its game mainly lies in the popularity of the game and the number of new players. If the popularity of the game continues to rise and there are new players, the NFT price of the game will also increase, and the revenue will be higher and higher; but if the popularity of the game drops, the number of players decreases, or the game project party no longer maintains and optimizes the game, the game will also It may return to zero.

So when you make money in the "TWIT FARMS" chain game, you can pay more attention to the game input and output. On the other hand, make sure that the NFT price of various tools in "TWIT FARMS" drops, the game rewards are reduced, or even zero. Nature, thereby further reducing investment risks.

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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