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Free of City experience a different next-generation game meta-universe
2021-09-15 10:16:35 Primitive Reading


The meta universe synchronizes the laws of the universe and human consciousness to the virtual world. The virtual world is like the universe evolving from a singularity, and finally upgraded to a virtual universe that connects all life consciousnesses. The waves of the meta universe are wave after wave. Behind the change of hot spots, the entire ecology of the meta universe is prospering and developing, and new gameplay and new projects are emerging in an endless stream. Following the trend, the Free DAO meta-universe came into being.


FREE DAO hopes to build a safe, efficient, and decentralized open blockchain underlying network through mechanism innovation, and introduce a democratic decision-making process, so that DAO members can jointly decide on the direction of network upgrade and the use of “public budget”, demonstrating collective wisdom. Facilitate the development of high-quality projects and promote the large-scale implementation of blockchain technology.


Nowadays, the “meta universe formed by the connection of virtual worlds” has been regarded by the investment community as a grand and promising investment theme, and has become the domain of digital economic innovation and industrial chain. Not only that, the “meta universe” provides a new path for human society to achieve the final digital transformation, and has an all-round intersection with the “post-human society”, showing that it has the same capabilities as the era of great navigation, the era of industrial revolution, and the era of aerospace. A new era of historical significance.


For example, the development of large private platforms such as Facebook and Steam has brought together hundreds of millions of users to interact, share content, and communicate. This network effect has given birth to many online communities and various companies. These platforms controlled by centralized organizations manage network rules and content flows, and earn high profits through the communities and content producers on the platform. Free DAO is trying to build a network where content creators can fully own and obtain all the value brought to them by the fruits of their own labor. In this network, users can carry out a series of urban planning and construction that are extremely close to the real world, such as community governance, transportation construction, land trading, industrial manufacturing, etc., and truly create their own free country!

Free of City at the same time can allow players to quickly immersed in the excitement of urban planning layout. The entire planning will generally involve the regional zoning system, the traffic order of the entire city, the pollution of the city’s environment, the commercial trade in the market, and the mayor’s need to find ways to appease the lives of citizens in different regions at any time. Has strong between different transaction on social interaction effect, different industries will have different costs and benefits. A series of links such as investment, creation, and trading will produce economic benefits.


Free of City uses algorithmic enhancement to drive the upgrade of the rendering mode to improve the accessibility of the game; through the blockchain and AI technology, it reduces the threshold of game content creation and enhances the scalability of the game. Here your actions and contributions will be redefined in value, and you will harvest your first digital asset here. In addition, you can build real estate based on different types of land, or transform and upgrade into factories and securities centers. By moving the manufacturing or financial industries in the real world to the game scene, you can earn more with higher-dimensional profit methods. income.


In the future meta-universe space, the current value logic will surely be rewritten, and new giants will rise instantaneously. But behind a new round of asset shuffling pattern of the promoter, will be the yuan universe strongest vent and block chain technology applications. In this process, Free DAO optimizes technology, iterative model, innovative gameplay, and updates organization, which will create more profit possibilities for all participants and investors.


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