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GOS (God of sun) strives to build a "digital new world" and "chain travel meta universe"!
2021-09-09 15:15:27 Primitive Reading

 2021, the first year of metaverse! It is the next stop of the Internet, and some people call it the ultimate form of science and technology.

The concept of meta universe is sweeping all industry giants and is widely concerned by the capital market.

In March, roblox logged into the New York Stock Exchange and its market value exceeded US $40 billion on the first day of listing, which is known as "the first share of the universe";

In April, game developer epic announced that it had obtained US $1 billion in financing for the development of meta universe business;

In May, Ma Huateng said that Tencent would increase investment in meta universe and other fields in the future;

In July, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would change from a social media company to a metauniverse company;

In August, God V expressed the hope that Ethereum could run the meta universe in 5-10 years;

In August, Zhang Yiming planned to smash 9 billion yuan into the meta universe;

In addition, netmarble, a South Korean mobile game giant, also turned its attention to the meta universe... For a time, the giants' attitude of layout the meta universe in the next stop was undoubtedly revealed.

In the strong concept storm of metaverse, prepare gos (God of sun) for five years The God of the sun will lead the rise of gamefi track in the second half of the year, and the meta universe will embark on the journey of breaking the circle. Gos game public chain will do a good job in the bottom import end for card, nurturing, strategic and competitive sports games, and it is also the entrance for our players to step into the meta universe through various games all over the world.


GOS game chain, a game platform closely combined with NFT and metauniverse, entered the game field as early as 2015. In the early stage, it was a service platform providing website hosting for game players and game providers, with a huge number of users. At the same time, there are three carriages in the GOS public chain system, including global games, LP mining and Dao governance. The three sectors form barriers of mutual empowerment, and GOS plans to promote it Out: a blockchain based game creation platform, in which token gos is used as the raw material for casting game props NFT. It can not only be traded, but also be used to make weapons props, digital artworks and other items you can imagine. The game world established by gos enables gamers to use specific blockchain assets in each game of the game's multi universe.

Game is the rudiment of the meta universe, and game is the primary form of the meta universe

From games to metauniverse, four technological improvements are the only way

Specifically, the game needs to narrow the gap with the mature form of the meta universe through the following four technical paths:
1) Enhance the immersion of the game through interactive technologies such as AR and VR.
2) Support large-scale users online at the same time through 5g and cloud computing technology to improve the accessibility of the game.
3) The upgrade of rendering mode is driven by the improvement of algorithm and computing power to improve the accessibility of the game.
4) Reduce the content creation threshold and improve the scalability of the game through blockchain and AI technology.

GOS game chain can provide the underlying technical support for the upgrading of NFT assets for online games, and establish a value bridge between the blockchain world and the traditional game world with def + NFT through DAPP, so as to provide users with high-quality multi-modal products based on DAPP game + defi, game + NFT asset synthesis and NFT + defi, and finally realize the perfect integration of defi + NFT + Chain games.

GOS (God of sun) strives to build a "digital new world" and "chain travel meta universe"!

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