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Gdx chain currency, the opportunity of the era
2023-04-19 10:51:27 Primitive Reading


   Behind every financial crisis indicates that the old financial system is about to collapse and a new financial system is about to be born. Behind every crisis is an unprecedented opportunity. As the saying goes, take history as a mirror, know the ups and downs, VDS three years, where is her new opportunity?
     Investors in the early stage have a large amount of coins in their hands. In the early stage, they didn’t believe it, so they saw that they used BTC to resonate and get a lot of cheap vollar, so when the currency price rose to more than 90 yuan in May, they successfully fled and made a lot of money. The people who promoted in the early stage, because of the high popularity, no matter whether they really understand it or not, they just joined in the fun and promoted a lot of VIDs with this enthusiasm, earning a lot of vollar, and the promoters in the early stage also made a lot of money.
        If you believe it, you have enough patience and spare money, you can buy a large amount of GDX, this is the most primitive method, but please also have enough patience and wait, because suddenly one day erupts, you don’t want to Because there are not enough bargaining chips, I missed the opportunity to hold hands with wealth, but what I want to say today is that the real opportunity should still be in ecology.
        Even though there are not many ecology today and they are not mature enough, judging from the trend and the current ecological development, its layout has begun to show its edge. The layout of WEB3.0 is far earlier than other public chains, and it is gradually advancing in terms of landing. It can be seen that the development of such an ecological public chain and such a community is undoubtedly a huge opportunity for us personally. Only strong individuals can provide better development prospects, so only individuals are strong. This public chain , this community, this decentralized business will be more prosperous and developed.
        A standard of the decentralized business ecology, as early as 2019, we were doing more centralized business, which could happen at any time, many uncontrollable factors such as shutting down the network, running away, reforming the system, being harmonious, etc., led to We are full of scars and feel helpless, but with the birth of GD's public chain, the concept of decentralization and the concept of non-centralized commerce have gradually become popular among the people. Not only all ecology, but also all systems are running, without shutting down the network or running away. , the system cannot be tampered with, and all run on the chain. This third-party ecology will slowly take root in our hearts. From today's point of view, it is not only running on the chain, not shutting down the network, and not tampering with the system. Of course, this is also the premise, but there is one thing that deserves our attention, that is, it is in line with human nature, in line with interests, and more sticky is commercial key to development. Through these years of development and exploration, we have increasingly found that only when it is in line with the interests and can promote people, stimulate people's passion and creativity, can such an ecology continue and allow us to develop better. Only then can decentralized commerce flourish.
Project name: GDX
Chinese name: Liantongcoin
Project positioning: cross-chain, multi-chain wallet, reward, airdrop, red envelope, live broadcast, NFT, voice, video, chat, all data generated are mining behaviors that are profitable. It can be exchanged for digital legal currency of various countries, and it is a collective on-chain mall token
Total tokens: 210 million
Token distribution: 30% for private placement, 20% for pooling, 10% for technology development, 40% for ecological construction

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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