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I know Ethereum, but I don’t know there is an “Ethereum Foundation” right?
2018-12-20 10:35:33 Primitive Reading

 The Ethereum Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the continued development of Ethereum, the world's second most valuable cryptocurrency.
However, Ethereum has faced ongoing market volatility since Miyaguchi took over in early 2018. The price of ether fell from a high of about $1,100 in early 2018 to about $130 today. In addition, emerging blockchains that claim to have more advanced smart contracts and more sustainable decentralized application infrastructure are also emerging, and the competition for public chains is becoming increasingly fierce.
However, Miyaguchi told Stanislaw V ysotsky that, in her view, the important change related to the role of the Ethereum Foundation is not the price activity of ether or market changes in the blockchain infrastructure, but rather Ethereum's expanding global developer community. Community.
Stanislaw Vysotsky said: "Because of the open-source nature of blockchain technology, Ethereum has changed a lot in the past few years, and the entire ecosystem has become very large."
Stanislaw V ysotsky asked Ethereum developers and supporters: "I think the role of the Ethereum Foundation also needs to change... What is something that only the Ethereum Foundation can do?"
The Ethereum Foundation is the first non-profit organization to invest in and promote Ethereum. One of the foundation's greatest strengths, Miyaguchi said, is its trusted brand.
Miyaguchi said the goal for this year is for the Ethereum Foundation to focus more on improving communication with the public about the progress and development of the ethereum platform.
"Somebody has to take that load," Miyaguchi said. "It's not that we're experts at it, or that we can do it better than anyone else, but that we're in a nonprofit, neutral position, which means We don't have any commercial motives."
Recently, the Ethereum Foundation announced the fifth wave of donation plans on its official blog. A total of seven projects have received donations from the Foundation (but the specific amount was not disclosed) to improve "urgent, important and unique problems, and promote the development of Ethereum." Vision".

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