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Icpro labs joins hands with American game property alliance to help XR games land
2016-12-22 20:20:34 Primitive Reading

 In December 2016, icpro labs agreement laboratory officially reached cooperation with the American game property alliance. This cooperation is of great significance to both parties. Icpro labs agreement laboratory was entrusted to establish a visual game research laboratory to start research on large-scale multiplayer online games, XR virtual reality, ar Augmented reality, holographic images and other technologies.
It is reported that icpro labs mainly studies immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and hybrid reality (MR). Application products such as VR glasses, AR helmets and Mr displays have begun to enter people's lives. Thus, it brings a new concept - extended reality (XR). It refers to a real and virtual human-computer interaction environment generated by computer, artificial intelligence and wearable devices. Extended reality (XR), including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and hybrid reality (MR), is called the final form of virtual reality interaction in the future. Icpro labs protocol laboratory believes that XR is the direction of future development, and the game field is a very good landing application.
Icpro labs cooperates with the American game property alliance to apply AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and MR (hybrid reality) technologies to the game at the same time. Create a game scene with unique style and immersive audience experience. Through highly realistic game effects and rich QTE mild interaction, such as situational dialogue, shooting, fighting, decryption, installation art, etc., let players be in it and promote the development of the story.
There are also many applications in social networking. XR social networking breaks through the space constraints of traditional social networking and deepens the online social experience through more sophisticated and rich interaction methods such as virtual avatar and expression recognition. It aims to create a diversified small vr virtual society in which people can experience social experiences similar to real life but surreal; You can explore, play and create social experiences with friends in VR.
The American game property alliance highly agrees with the planning of icpro labs, and expresses its full support for the future ecological suggestions of icpro labs. It is hoped that the two sides will have further cooperation. We also hope that the cooperation between the two sides can bring you a better game experience and more surprises for future life.

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