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Leading the new trend of chain travel, genesis universe announced the incubation of the first blockchain farm game - Cookie farm
2020-10-26 15:40:02 Primitive Reading

 According to the news of Chuangshi yuancosmos, Chuangshi yuancosmos foundation is currently participating in the incubation of the first blockchain farm game - Cookie farm, and hopes to bring the chain game industry to a new height and establish a new standard of the chain game industry through cookie farm.
Since announcing its entry into the field of blockchain games and metauniverse in 2019, Chuangshi metauniverse has successively participated in a number of chain tourism projects for more than a year, including neoworld, lasttrip, Cardmaker, taiken planet, fishchain, King's chariot, encryption hero, forest knight, lost treasure, etc, It has an absolute dominant position in the field of blockchain games, but it is also aware of many problems in the chain game industry. This time, it is decided to incubate cookie farm, not only to launch an interesting blockchain game project, but also to make the blockchain game move to a new height and promote the development of the whole chain game industry through the unique game design of cookie farm, Let the game really come into our life.
According to the members of Chuangshi meta universe, different from previous games, cookie farm not only integrates and many innovative ideas at the beginning of design, but also adopts emerging technologies such as VR and AR, which can bring an immersive experience effect to players.
In terms of mode design, cookie farm jumped out of the current trend of "charging mode" and "free mode", created the play to earn mode and added the CMT pass model. Players not only don't charge for playing games, but also earn CMT through games, which greatly enhanced the playability of the game and will certainly attract more players to participate.
In terms of playing methods, the cookie farm has set up a unique computing power mechanism. Players can obtain computing power in a variety of ways, such as farm construction, inviting friends, prop exchange, etc., making the game more interesting and meeting the needs of more users.
In terms of experience, in addition to ensuring the fluency of the game, the cookie farm has also added many new technologies such as AR and VR, and built a cookie farm VR experience room, so that users can have an immersive experience, truly integrate into the game and experience the fun of being a farmer.
Therefore, let's look forward to the arrival of cookie farm and witness the new trend of chain tour development in the future.

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