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MyScore is a decentralized pan-entertainment platform, rewriting the quiz industry landscape
2022-08-03 18:43:14 Primitive Reading

 The wonderful game, the suave stars, and the confusing scores have feasted the eyes of fans all over the world and are full of expectations. Due to the temptation of the huge odds of winning and losing quizzes, this game, like the previous game, has been transformed into a financial event.
Relevant data show that quizzes have reached a scale of trillions in the global market, and about 4 trillion people participate in online and offline quizzes every year in my country. Four years ago, the sales of Chinese football lottery and champion and runner-up lottery tickets for the World Cup in Brazil exceeded 12.8 billion yuan.

After a long period of development, the quiz game industry has transitioned from traditional quiz entertainment to a stage where traditional quiz entertainment coexists with Internet quiz entertainment. With the continuous development of the Internet and big data, the proportion of Internet quiz games will continue to gradually increase. According to statistics, the global quiz game industry presents new characteristics in terms of market size, regional distribution, legalization of operations, and per capita participants.

From traditional quiz entertainment to Internet quiz entertainment, the trading rules of quiz games have not changed, and still maintain the original and classic centralized trading model. With the diversification of quiz game projects and transactions, defaults such as the inability to deliver quiz rewards in a timely manner, as well as the disadvantages of the centralized trading model, are increasingly criticized by users. On the other hand, although quiz games or platforms based on BTC or ETH digital tokens for payment have appeared in the market, due to a large number of high-frequency and low-volume digital asset transfer scenarios, procedures for digital asset payment scenarios appear in the process. High cost and time consuming.

The quiz market is a field that needs trust extremely. The distributed accounting method of blockchain technology can prevent the data in the quiz market from being tampered with and ensure data transparency. Blockchain technology can well solve the trust required by the quiz market. problem, and the distribution also ensures that the platform will not be manipulated by the consortium.

The emergence of MyScore just solves many existing pain points in the industry. MyScore is a pan-entertainment payment ecological chain integrating payment, development, entertainment and other functions. Because of its decentralization, anonymity, and data immutability, MyScore can be said to have rewritten the pattern of the prediction and quiz industry.

MyScore is positioned as a race guessing ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Relying on competitive entertainment and innovating the blockchain entertainment model as its own responsibility, it is committed to building on-chain infrastructure for pan-entertainment industries such as games, quizzes, e-sports, NFT, and the Metaverse, and building cross-domain integration with blockchain. , A cross-ecological and global blockchain entertainment complex based on the entity pan-entertainment industry, providing technology developers and entertainment value creators with an underlying platform support that combines anonymity, openness, reliability and fairness .
It is reported that MyScore realizes various "guessing" game scenarios and the delivery of chips of different degrees of complexity through customized smart contracts, eliminating the risk of default among participants in "guessing" games, and ensuring that the interests of all parties involved are safe, timely and efficient. Deduct or arrive unimpeded. At the same time, MyScore uses blockchain technology as the underlying protocol to develop quiz games to ensure that its game data cannot be tampered with. In the future, the blockchain network will be opened to game developers to expand the MyScore ecosystem.

MSC is a new ecological token based on the issuance of Binance Chain. It runs through the entire MyScore ecosystem and is the value circulation medium of the MyScore platform. In the future, it will also be used for node storage and the consumption of rewards for completing consensus, and developers will develop DApps based on the MSC underlying protocol. The large number of users and partner developers in its industry will bring great liquidity to it. Based on the basic principle that the total amount of MSCs remains unchanged, the consumption and high liquidity of multiple application scenarios will also be enough to ensure that the value of MSCs is always in a state of continuous growth.

Blockchain-based smart contracts and other underlying technologies enable MSC to operate transparently, with traceable transaction behavior and clearer transaction benefits. This mechanism ensures that MSC holders can enjoy their rights in a fair, just and transparent manner.​​

In the future, MyScore will be committed to solving the problems of difficulty in the delivery of competition results, lack of credibility, and high payment costs in the global guessing game industry. Participated in online "guessing" games and "guessing" game ecological platforms.

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.