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NEMANJA Global cooperated with several enterprises to start the road of global development
2014-10-10 18:46:30 Primitive Reading


Nemanja Global was founded in 2005, and its predecessor was the royal chateau of Serbia’s Nemanja dynasty in the Middle Ages. Nemanja Global is headquartered in Serbia with 12 manufacturing enterprises and 2,163 employees all over the world. It is a wine producer with world’s top quality.

Since establishment, the company has gradually developed to a country-level enterprise of Serbia through constant modernization transformation. One of the most famous industries owned by the company is the royal farm named after Nemanja dynasty. It is known as the quality but with low annual wine production.

In order to further strengthen the technology sharing and innovative cooperation, Nemanja Global cooperated with several enterprises from 2014 to 2017. Nemanja Global cooperated with IBM, reached strategic cooperation with DDB and realized extensive cooperation with Cisco, etc. Multiple strategic cooperation will further and more rapidly facilitate the global development of Nemanja and build a better industrial ecosystem. With good resource integration, whist enhancing and expanding the basic research, technological incubation and production development ability, it will support the strategic transformation of partners, realize more extensive and deeper industrial cooperation and promote the development of platform technology at home and abroad. Nemanja will open a new chapter of multi-cooperation through deepening cooperation.

Looking forward to the future, with respect to the digital transformation scheme and optimization scheme, Nemanja will reframe the application scenarios of token economic theory, energize the enterprise’s new ecology and provide more efficient and safer environment for enterprise development. It will energize the innovative project of internet for its long-term development, strengthen the R&D ability of team and competitiveness of technical talents, support the cloud strategic transformation of partners, and worked with the partners to create new powers to drive the continuous and healthy development of Chinese economy.

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