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NFT ecology gradually matured, ARES set off a pan-entertainment boom
2022-06-10 19:49:21 Primitive Reading

 In recent years, NFT as a unique, scarce and interesting asset class has swept through major circles at a rapid pace. No one expected that this initial small test of technology in the art world would result in the current "NFT can be everything" scenario.

According to the "NFT list data" shows that the total market value of NFT market is $16.972 billion, compared with the data before 2021, $31.7781 million, an increase of 533 times.

The direct impact of the NFT explosion is that NFT trading platforms are mushrooming, and new competitors can be seen running to enter the market, whether it is a comprehensive market or a niche track focusing on art, music, photography, sports, games, etc.

Due to the obvious aggregation effect of head projects on Ether, its total NFT transaction volume is still firmly in first place, but on-chain issues such as fees, efficiency and environmental protection have ushered in a period of opportunity for Solana, Flow, Tezos and a host of other public chains to develop, and the on-chain NFT market has seen a fiery boom.

By 2022, with the growing maturity of the multi-chain ecology, supporting multiple mainstream public chains has also become a goal for the development of many NFT platforms, for example, ARES laid out NFT on the Solana chain.

ARES is a pan-entertainment social meta-universe platform, which is dedicated to building a pan-entertainment meta-universe aggregation social ecology through DAO organization and the launch of digital financial services, providing a collection of entertainment social channels for global users. The achievements are outstanding. With tens of millions of loyal fans worldwide, ARES has driven and influenced the development of the industry and has global popularity and influence.

ARES is building an original pan-entertainment NFT exchange, which is one of its main sections. The current global content of pan-entertainment NFT is very suitable for young people and very popular among them, so the NFT market is triggering a pan-entertainment NFT boom.

According to the official news, ARES will soon release the first pan-entertainment NFT - Phantom God NFT.

The design of Phantom God NFT is based on the art design of <God of war> metaphysical martial arts and combines multi-dimensional elements such as different terrains, ecology, mythology and society of many countries and regions in the world. Each Phantom God NFT is original by the designer, has a unique color palette and attributes, and follows the principle of "quality over quantity".

The NFT was created in conjunction with the collaborative game God of war. The Phantom God NFT is not only collectible in nature, but also visual in nature. Players and users of the Phantom God NFT can interact in God of war, cooperate to pass the game, and strengthen the game to play metal, which can make players and users truly feel the immersive visualization experience of the NFT.

ARES's first pan-entertainment NFT - Phantom God NFT, it seems that there are more ways to play, we need to wait for everyone to explore after the launch.

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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