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Opal uses blockchain technology to innovate business operation mode to drive diversified interworking of value flow
2020-11-08 17:40:26 Primitive Reading


With the gradual rise of digital cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, as a new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm, blockchain technology has attracted the attention of government, enterprises and market. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, openness and transparency, traceability and unforgeability, and a high degree of autonomy, which is giving birth to new business models in the business field. Among them, explorers represented by opal are innovating business operation mode with blockchain technology, and driving diversified interworking of value flow.
Based on the rapid development of block technology, opal team has entered the practical stage from theoretical research to practical stage to build the underlying system and business application ecology of opal blockchain, which is a bridge based on the integration of real industry and blockchain technology, and enables the real industry economy to take off in the digital era. We hope to realize the interconnection between independent ecology, build a bridge between each continent, and let human understand the new business world constructed by blockchain from a new dimension.
"Our goal is to establish a fair and open comprehensive application system by using blockchain technology. To solve the trust and fairness problems faced by businesses, entertainment, games and other industries, so as to make the whole business competition environment more fair, open and efficient. " Opal's mission is to build a complete value ecology for global businesses and users in the era of blockchain, and hope that this ecology can provide protection for users' free will and personal value, especially time value.
Opal has made a series of innovations in blockchain technology and concept, built a perfect blockchain technology system, laid a technical foundation for Opal token to realize world-class full scene circulation, and provided free and convenient services for billions of users around the world. At the same time, we provide complete blockchain technology solutions for Opal customers and partners, assist projects and enterprises to quickly achieve the goal of "blockchain +", truly and efficiently assist users in asset securitization, and realize the transparent and efficient circulation of assets.
With the support of the underlying technology of blockchain, opal not only can realize the real-time exchange of opal token with many mainstream digital currencies in the market, but also can successfully conduct online and offline mainstream application scenarios. Any citizen from the world can freely hold opal token for convenient payment and circulation.
Opal token's currency transaction processing speed is very fast, usually only a few seconds. Opal will be able to support billions of users without affecting transaction processing time. Unlike many virtual currencies, including bitcoin, this makes opal token a real medium for large-scale transactions, not just a way to store wealth. In addition, opal token's consensus mechanism allows it to process small transactions in parallel at low cost, which makes it suitable for payment and transaction of various scales.
At the same time, opal uses ASIC 7Nm chip technology, its performance and power consumption are better than GPU and FPGA. ASIC is highly customized for Opal users. Because it is a custom chip, only opal will be mined out, and other currencies will not be excavated. Similarly, mining machines with other chip technologies can not produce opal. The fair rights and interests of opal miners are protected.
In the future, opal will open the KPI interface and provide open-source community resources to the world. With unique incentive mechanism, it can also encourage users to participate in the use and construction of the project more actively, so that more platforms and institutions in more fields can develop their own ecosystem based on Opal technology, and enrich and improve opal's world-class scene flow Ecological communication.

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