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Origin Metaverse opens first round of public offerings as entropy law opens up the landscape of the times
2022-08-08 17:16:47 Primitive Reading

 Origin Metaverse, a representative showcase in the WEB 3.0 space, has long been ahead of the GameFi circuit. Entropy Phantom Core is the first GAMEFI application built on Origin Metaverse, one of the pioneers in combining blockchain technology with classic strategy games to create a deeply immersive world. "At the heart of Entropy Core is the creation of a future world and MetaVerse based on the theme of Avatar.

It is a connected reality world that provides full support in this created Pandora planet with technical infrastructure, ecological coaching, application interfaces, traffic carrying tools and trading platforms to help the metaverse ecology grow sustainably. Not only that, the entire Origin Metaverse ecosystem is growing, covering many areas such as collections, NFT art, games, DeFi, metaverse, sports, wallets and DAO.

It is reported that the official has opened the first round of public offering, open the early participation in the ecological construction value attribution, the platform has opened AFD token public offering, AFD total issue total 5.2 million, 80% will be applied to the public offering; 10% through the entropy model output, 10% to join the bottom pool.

It is well known that in the current market segment of GAMEFI, based on the centralized control, it is difficult for most ordinary users to be in the category with the biggest gains, and the unique entropy-increasing mechanism of Origin Metaverse will change the existence of this situation.

Origin Metaverse is based on the blockchain digital contract theory of "NFT + DeFi + Token" through the PPLNS approach, where users have the opportunity to become Turing while participating in the Entropy Phantom Nucleus and have the chance to receive Turing cards. When 13 economic individuals participate in a round of the Turing Virtual Machine, the Chosen One with the highest return is Turing, while other users enjoy tokens and NFT pieces according to their pledged equity weighting.

At the same time, through the NFT fragments produced by GAMEFI and used to synthesize new cards for different ecologies, Origin Metaverse sets up a combination mode of DAO equity + community arithmetic + card exchange, which enriches the gameplay and makes the game more exciting; it also makes the financial strategy more diversified and allows users to choose according to their own conditions.

One of the major pain points of blockchain games has always been that the playability is not as good as traditional games. Origin Metaverse uses the latest VR and AR technologies in its future applications, setting up VR experience rooms and more, which can give players an immersive experience to enter the virtual metaverse parallel world and knock on the door of the metaverse.

Origin Metaverse, as the pioneer of the next generation global Web3.0 metaverse industry, Origin Metaverse will take the lead in practicing to promote the development of the metaverse industry, build a multi-dimensional and deathless economic application ecology, bridging traditional industries and blockchain assets for cross-field finance + development of various ecological application industries, and truly giving blockchain technology to realize the landing. Origin Metaverse subverts the traditional unequal financial system, helps blockchain positive freedom to spread, helps global participants gain wealth while being able to spread the true core value of Origin Metaverse on a large scale, and co-constructs the upgrade of blockchain technology.

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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