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Redruby DAO charity traceability drives the public interest openly and transparently, and every good heart on the chain
2022-02-25 18:48:29 Primitive Reading

 Kindness is a virtue and a weakness in people's hearts, charity can let people's kindness to rest, but when people find that this can be profitable and gain fame, charity sometimes also becomes a field of fame and fortune. It is in the "efforts" of all parties that the credibility of charity is weakening.

There seems to be an element of unreliability in where the money comes from, where it is stored, where it goes, and where it goes. The lack of credibility stems from the unpredictable hearts and minds of people, as well as the lack of transparency of information. Although many charities nowadays disclose their charity information and financial statements on their respective official websites, the lack of third-party supervision makes it seem like they are talking about themselves. Faced with such a dilemma, the famous American singer Taylor Swift united several famous celebrities and several industry experts to establish RedrubyDAO, which is run by the nature of community autonomy. Based on global charity and using blockchain technology, it provides a new path of change for public welfare and shows the way for the future development of global charity.

The Redruby DAO is based on the Coin On chain and is developed and built with the help of the U.S. Nature Conservancy. The strength of the Redruby DAO lies in its development and sustainability: development refers to its active community, with constant iterations of the Redruby DAO version and development of basic applications; sustainability refers to its stable holding value appreciation, through value-added rewards, capital introduction and token locking. Redruby DAO's sustainability refers to its stable value appreciation through value-added rewards, capital introduction, and token lock-in. With the internationalization strategy as the starting point, we start from the specific needs and application scenarios of the industry, realize the landing of credible data in the industry through applications such as blockchain, charity, public welfare, DEFI, data transmission, data anti-counterfeiting, and charity data on the chain, and create a new industry of credible assets, credible management, credible public welfare, credible transactions, and credible circulation, so as to build up a standardized, digitalized, financialized, and internationalized market ecosystem of the industry. In order to build a standardized, digitalized, financialized and internationalized market ecosystem, we will become the leader of the digital transformation of the global charity industry and the advocate of the credible digital ecology of the international asset supply chain.
Redruby DAO supports the blockchain technology facility for the development of global public welfare. The global charity chain will use blockchain technology to ensure that every income and expenditure of public welfare is open and transparent and permanently traceable. Issue public welfare pass-through - RRB, RRB is a decentralized extreme deflationary token based on the Coinan ecological chain. It is a high-yield frictionless BSC token with a total issuance of 10 billion, 5.1 billion destroyed upon issuance, and 39% of the total issuance transferred to charity address. And with RRB tokens as the medium, relying on global charity and the mature smart contract technology it provides, the budget and allocation method of each project on public welfare is written into the smart contract to ensure the effective, open and transparent execution of charity spending.

Redruby DAO Creates Charity Eco-Inflation Resistant Token
The anti-inflation property of Redruby DAO is reflected in the fact that the number of Redruby DAOs decreases as the number of transactions increases. Each transfer transaction will establish a 10% slippage, of which 2% returns to the liquidity pool, 1% goes to a dedicated charity address, and the rest is reasonably allocated to donors.
The arrival of Redruby DAO means that philanthropy is about to enter the era of decentralization, truly transparent, open and fair. Since its development, Redruby DAO has been used in about ten applications, mainly for donation, traceability, information sharing, etc.
One of them is donation.
Through the purchase of cryptocurrency issued by the blockchain platform or using other cryptocurrencies for donation, this is probably considered the earliest record of the introduction of blockchain for public welfare. Donation through blockchain not only removes the hidden danger of misappropriation of charity funds, removes the suspicion of charities, but also expands the donation channels, which is a great help to the development of charitable public welfare.
Second, traceability.
Redruby DAO uses blockchain technology to track fundraising and establishes a third-party public disclosure system blockchain fund flow public disclosure, which facilitates data statistics and project execution tracking for public welfare organizations. The openness and transparency of blockchain technology makes mass supervision possible, and today, anyone can check the flow of good funds on it.
Third, information sharing.
Blockchain is a distributed storage ledger with superior sharing function. By sharing out the information of public welfare charity projects through blockchain, and uniting with the organizations on the relevant network with internet fundraising authority, as well as docking with the civil affairs department, hospitals and other precise poverty alleviation information, the whole relief process can be made online and the cost of offline operation can be reduced.
Blockchain technology can promote financial inclusion and social justice. Redruby DAO hopes to build a model of blockchain application and enhance trust for charity with "technology is trust". Redruby DAO hopes to build a model of blockchain application, to enhance the trust of charity by "technology is trust". Maintaining the sanctity of charity and restoring people's trust in the charity industry will be a major breakthrough in the field of charity.

In the future, as the Redruby DAO network grows and the ecology is perfected, it will dominate the blockchain data economy market and become a hot digital gold in the future! Let's work together to win the future!

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