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SuperCup and RIT Blockchain Lab blockchain laboratory reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will work to build the future of the game ecology
2018-08-09 12:08:45 Primitive Reading

 Recently, SuperCup, a blockchain star system card game initiated by Private Division, an American game publisher, and RIT Blockchain Lab, a blockchain lab, have formally reached a strategic partnership to effectively cooperate on game incubation, future development direction and project promotion. In this round of cooperation, RIT Blockchain Lab will support SuperCup's chain game with landing research solutions around its professional advantages and industry resources, and provide quality resources for SuperCup's platform in combination with project advantages to help the platform's ecological prosperity.
Under the partnership between SuperCup and RIT Blockchain Lab, both parties will explore opportunities for joint business development in the future to ensure that the platform can better serve marketplace users, thereby increasing NFT liquidity and building a user-friendly infrastructure.
The partnership, in which both parties have invested heavily, provides a tremendous opportunity for NFT creators to gain easy access to the NFT trading market through SuperCup and gain greater liquidity for high-value digital assets, thereby attracting top artists with their fans and player users.SuperCup's shared vision with RIT Blockchain Lab Blockchain Lab is to build a blockchain that is player-centric, aims to drive the gaming ecosystem, improves NFT inventory turnover, and helps the blockchain thrive by building a community.

About SuperCup
SuperCup is a card strategy game based on blockchain technology. In SuperCup, players can participate in PVP battles by holding NFT cards. Through an immersive game experience, players can use the right props, synthesize cards, battle upgrades to enhance their NFT cards, and earn revenue by holding NFT cards.
SuperCup is a blockchain star-based card game initiated by Private Division, an American game publisher, with a team of players from around the world with years of experience in traditional games. superCup's goal is to build a rich NFT ecosystem that provides sustainable entertainment value for player-users. Creating the leading NFT galaxy fantasy themed game, top-tier collectibles and community on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, ultimately building metaverse worlds.


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