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Swarm/NBZZ main network is officially online, the era of universal mining is coming!
2021-09-28 15:34:30 Primitive Reading


As the mobile Internet enters the second half and Web 3.0 comes along, the rapid development of 5G, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, AI and other technologies will push the data industry to the top of the wave. The overwhelming flood of data and the spurt of new technologies will have a huge impact on the existing underlying facilities of data service networks, and as diverse services move from local to the cloud, the innovation and upgrade of existing network systems is imperative.

Distributed storage is the result of the natural evolution of traditional storage technology in the era of big data, and is the immediate need for future storage. Compared with traditional storage, distributed storage has more advantages: high scalability, high reliability and availability, security, high utilization, transparent services, automatic fault tolerance, lower cost, better service capability, and greater portability. Distributed storage, will become the mainstream data storage method in the future.

Swarm, the distributed storage network project launched by Ethernet, is a powerful initiative equipped with the inevitability of the Internet’s development era and follows IPFS and Filecoin and Chia. swarm, as a local base layer service for the Ethernet web3 stack, has the primary goal of providing decentralized and redundant storage for the Ethernet public record, allowing mining pool storage, bandwidth and computing power resources to support applications based on the Ethernet network.


However, due to the lack of a sound economic incentive system in Swarm, the official Swarm technical team, Leet Squad, has developed a new communication protocol plug-in solution – Swarm/Nbzz. Swarm/Nbzz is an extension plug-in project that fully follows the Swarm application program interface specification. Swarm/Nbzz is a new high-performance P2P communication protocol built on the Swarm network.The Swarm/Nbzz network is completely based on Swarm and is positioned to complement and improve the original Swarm.The main purpose of the development is to solve the incentive problem of Swarm nodes, which is in line with the actual needs of the moment and can also effectively solve the pain points of Swarm.

Swarm/Nbzz’s token economy model is more scientific, fair and reasonable, with no private placements or pre-mining, which not only guarantees fairness in node participation, but also avoids the situation where a large number of early investors smash the market after launch, resulting in head mining being cut.

Swarm/Nbzz comes from Swarm, but is independent of Swarm and better than Swarm. Swarm/Nbzz has a more efficient storage experience, a more complete economic model, and the team does not keep any NBZZ. In the early stages of the project, the team will do its best to complete the technical development of the project and build the ideal Swarm/Nbzz network without pursuing profitability.

It is reported that Swarm/NBZZ main network has been officially launched, the era of universal mining! At present, in the context of the global emphasis on low-carbon environmental protection, coupled with the high pressure of domestic policies, countless traditional miners face the dilemma of retreat, and then the relative energy-saving and environmentally friendly mining model, at this time Swarm/NBZZ has become one of the best choices for miners to transform.


Swarm/NBZZ is an official part of the Ethernet project, developed by the official Swarm technical team, whose creation of an economically incentivized system within Swarm/NBZZ will facilitate the payment and transfer of resource exchange value, using different protocols and technologies from the Ethernet blockchain. It operates on the principle that NBZZ nodes will be rewarded for online hours and task contribution by establishing communication with BZZ nodes and then verifying the BZZ nodes online hours as well as machine performance through a fully trusted verification node, with a valid pledge, when the BZZ nodes perform tasks such as data storage and distribution.

NBZZ mining has a clear business model and it is also the best time to enter, Nbzz nodes are light nodes, nodes build and participate in mining requirements are low difficulty, do not take up space, memory and CPU, do not affect machine performance and mining configuration of other coins, there is no overlay cost at the build stage, which means miners can participate in Nbzz mining at a lower cost as a way to get higher returns!

Swarm/NBZZ has a lower hardware cost, lower energy consumption, higher output efficiency, shorter payback period, both in line with the policy requirements and the interests of miners, but also to grab the head mine, early layout, early revenue, the fastest half a month back to capital, what are you waiting for!

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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