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Swarm main network will be launched soon, the future value is immeasurable!
2021-09-23 16:24:00 Primitive Reading


According to official news, Swarm/Nbzz will officially launch its main network on September 25, when miners can participate in the construction of the Swarm/Nbzz main network, the much-anticipated Nbzz mining era is here, and the Web 3.0 era is coming!


Swarm/Nbzz Project Overview

Swarm/Nbzz is an extension plugin project that fully follows the Swarm API specification and is a new communication protocol plugin solution developed by the official Swarm technical team, Leet Squad, specifically to improve and solve the Bzz node incentive problem, solving the immediate needs of Swarm node users, safeguarding the interests of miners and node maintainers, and It helps node users to gain long-term revenue value and realize the original vision of Swarm.

Swarm/Nbzz started in Swarm and perfected in Swarm+, Swarm/Nbzz implements two features for better Swarm/Bzz, its adds online hours bonus to the Swarm network in addition to service provisioning bonus, so that Swarm’s project development will not be subject to short time distributed storage supply and demand market imbalance, increases Swarm node equity, and help the healthy development of the Swarm network.

Also, Swarm/Nbzz adds a new distributed computing cluster network interface belonging to the Swarm/Nbzz plugin, allowing applications to invoke more performance from Swarm nodes within the specification, and setting up additional service provisioning rewards beyond the distributed storage of the Swarm network itself.

The Swarm/Nbzz plugin optimizes the computing resources of the Swarm Network, increasing its future penetration in Web 3.0, with the vision of making the Swarm Network the most comprehensive distributed computing infrastructure network in coverage.

Why is the main Swarm/Nbzz network so hot even before it goes live? There are several reasons.

I. Swarm Team Impact

Swarm – a project driven by the founders of V God and Polka; led and developed by the Ether Foundation; IPFS, the underlying distributed storage project within the Ether ecosystem. In terms of the founding team alone, both V God, the founder of Ether and Gavin Wood, the founder of Polka, are notorious figures in the community, and the combined effort to create the project is bound to rub off on new sparks.

Swarm/Nbzz is a new communication protocol plugin solution developed by Leet Squad, the official technical team of Swarm, specifically designed to improve and solve the Bzz node incentive problem. As the Ethernet ecosystem grows, the data of the Etherchain will become increasingly large, the Ethernet network provides Swarm with a huge audience and user base, and Swarm/Nbzz is an integral part of making the Swarm network and Etherchain complete, and as Swarm continues to grow, the value of Swarm/Nbzz will become immeasurable in the future.


II. Future prospects for distributed storage

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G, and the promotion of the national “new infrastructure” strategy, new technologies and applications have accelerated the digital transformation of traditional industries, data is growing geometrically, and massive data is being analyzed and mined to create infinite value. It is a key area for future development.

At present, Swarm drives the distributed storage market into a new journey, no matter from its origin, team background, investment lineup and total scarcity, its future potential is huge, based on Swarm born Swarm/Nbzz, the future is promising.

III. Current ecological values of Swarm/NBZZ

Compared to Filecoin, the biggest advantage of Swarm/NBZZ is that it has the current smart contract ecological resources of Ethernet, ready-made and effective data storage, and will soon be able to realize the value of its distributed storage scenario on the ground. The eco-system of FILecoin is just starting up, and the data stored in Filecoin is cold data. The eco-system of FILecoin needs some time to precipitate and develop, and its eco-value can be gradually presented.

And at present, the ecology of Ether is the largest in the whole blockchain, and the market value is also the highest. Swarm, with the help of the existing ecology of Ether, will soon be able to realize the value scenario of distributed storage on the ground, so the value of Swarm ecology is much higher than that of FILecoin, and from the short-term performance, Swarm is more advantageous. Coupled with the low number of NBZZ, the price of NBZZ is expected to exceed FIL.

IV. Swarm/NBZZ value assessment

Filecoin has a total issue size of 2 billion, the current highest price reached 238U, minus the bull market effect coin price average value at about 50U, the overall project valuation of $100 billion, the current distributed storage track a dominant, the future, Swarm can account for 1/3 of the market share in this track, that is, the total market value of $33 billion. swarm/NBZZ total issue size of 62. 500,000, is about 528U per coin, 500,000 pieces, which is 1/32 of Filecoin, about 528U per piece based on 33 billion market cap size, and NBZZ is more valuable because NBZZ has less circulation now, and things are more valuable when they are rare.

In the future, with the application of distributed storage, the whole market will usher in a big explosion. According to experts’ prediction, the global data storage demand will increase by 1-10 times in the next decade, which means the whole market has more than 10 times of space to rise, and as the market demand increases, the coin value is also increasing, and the NBZZ coin price exceeds Fil counting day.

Currently, Swarm/NBZZ main website is about to go online, attracting the attention of global investors. No matter from its birth background, development prospect, team background or total scarcity, the future value of Swarm/NBZZ is immeasurable, we will wait and see!


Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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