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The Concept of Metaverse Emerges DRT Leads the New Trend of Metaverse
2021-09-28 17:28:03 Primitive Reading


The digital asset of blockchain has three properties, namely commodity, security and currency. Digital asset may be traded just like commodity; it also has the investment property of security, and the value property of currency. In terms of economics, the phenomenon that the price of commodities generally rises when currency supply is greater than the actual demand of currency is called inflation; when the currency circulating in the market reduces, the monetary income of people will also accordingly decrease, so that the price of commodities will decline, thus leading to deflation.


The deflation mechanism of digital asset boasts two properties simultaneously, namely commodity and currency, which is contrary to economics in terms of the judgement of rise and fall of digital asset values: when the supply of digital asset is excessive (inflation), the value of digital asset will decline; when the supply of digital asset is reduced (deflation), the value of digital asset will rise.

The deflation contains several parts. First of all, it includes issuance rules, such as whether it is limited edition, the halved model, the release rule of the technical party and the operation party. Second, it includes the pledge type and destruction mechanism in terms of adjusting tools. Third, it includes Defi storage and application pledge in terms of the market’s spontaneous demand. It also includes the oblivion and loss of digital asset. These models of deflation mechanism will directly affect the rise of value of digital assets.

DRT plans to set up an encrypted ecosystem based on digitization. This metaverse is fair and just, which is composed of the open source codes; once deployed, the developer cannot control it. DAO community has the ability to verify all transactions and actions, which does not require the participation of the credible third party. It boasts solid technologies and economic realizations. The metaverse is mainly composed of the following parts: WEB3.0, NFT card, GameFi system and more stable monetary economics.


The initial design idea of DRT is to make it a deflation-oriented digital asset. Deflation means that the total supply is constant, but the circulating quantity progressively decreases. The DRT ecology boasts multidimensional deflation mechanism. The deflating DRT directly enters the black hole and then is destroyed until the total circulating amount is 21 million.

DRT, as the governance token of the DRT public chain, enjoys all equities of DRT ecology. DRT will be charged as the handling charges for transaction and transfer within the DRT system; the charged DRT will directly enter the black hole and be destroyed. As participators cast the NFT card within the DRT ecology, it needs to consume DRT for synthesis. When NFT auctions NFT auction, it needs to be paid through DRT. The game upgrade, game prop and game mechanism of GameFi need to consume DRT; the transaction handling charges of DRTSwap need to consume DRT. In the economic system of DRT, the circulating quantity will progressively decrease. Based on the equity of the NFT card, players will tend to use DRT casting synthesis to increase the equity of the NFT card. Therefore, it also boosts players’ initiative in the DRT ecology; the value ecology of NFT and that of GameFi will keep expanding, and finally it will form a closed loop and obtain the bonus of DRT ecological development.


The circulating mechanism of DRT digital asset may be traded through external exchanges, which improves the asset mobility, finally enables all community members to realize win-win and creates the closed loop system of metaverse marketing ecology of sustainable development. Meanwhile, with the constant increase of the transaction amount, the consumption amount of DRT also keeps increasing. However, out of the overall deflation, the value of DRT will keep rising and finally it will create an open and fair globalized platform of the happiness industry.

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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