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The Three Giants Unite to Empower the Block Chain Game Sector
2019-06-20 17:49:00 Primitive Reading

 According to the statistics of famous institutions, this year, 2018, which is known as the first year of DApp, has witnessed the number of DApps reaching 1500, with an average of more than 100 DApps added every month and a total transaction volume of US $4.8 billion. In the first half of this year, the number of dapps doubled, with a total transaction volume of more than US $11 billion in the first half of this year. The total transaction volume in the first half of this year alone has exceeded the total transaction volume of the whole year of 2018, which means that the development of DApp has been in a period of crazy development. Next, the total transaction volume will break the record in the second half of this year, bringing rapid development to the whole block chain game sector.
Countless investment institutions will begin to look for profitable opportunities under this background. Traditional online games are based on the centralized model. The openness of block chain games indicates a possibility: the emergence of theme game ecological clusters. In theory, games derived from IP can convert game forms at will and fully attract different types of game lovers to participate. With the permission of system resources, the scale of the game can be expanded almost infinitely. The "growth" of the game can allow all developers to participate in the implementation spontaneously, even without the leadership of specific game operators, and spontaneously form a decentralized virtual game world.


In June of this year, Chris Keanu, a giant in the traditional game industry announced to cooperate with the District Foundation of Northzone. Since Chris Keanu left UBISOFT, it has been active in the block chain game sector and actively cooperated with the block chain technology team to try to create the planned block chain game. In March of this year, Chris Keanu has announced the cooperation with Cloud Chain, a block chain technology team to shock the traditional game industry.
At present, three giants in the traditional game industry, Chris Keanu has united Cloud Chain Lab and District foundation to form a tripartite partnership to jointly create block chain games and strive to make global players experience different feelings.
Northzone is a company focusing on investment in the financial field and an early venture capital fund. Since its establishment in 1996, Northzone has cooperated with the founders of Seed Stage, A and B stages all over Europe and the United States. It has made more than 150 investments, raised more than 1.5 billion euros and survived two financial crises. Northzone founded its District Foundation in 2015 and committed to venture capital investment in high-quality block chain projects and high-quality asset projects in various fields through digital asset investment mode.

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