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The birth of ICO, entering the era of crowdfunding finance
2017-05-15 19:46:00 Primitive Reading

 What is ICO?
ICO(Initial Coin Offering) is usually used to raise funds for cryptocurrency or blockchain projects, and early participants can obtain encrypted digital currency through these projects. ICO is the product of the cryptocurrency / blockchain community. It provides sufficient operating funds for blockchain developers. Most ICOs are financed through Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
ICO is an emerging crowdfunding model. ICO has three advantages over traditional crowdfunding: ICO adopts digital currency, and financing is very simple. ICO can support stock trading automatically through programmed smart contracts, and ICO is a global transaction. The future of ICO has huge room for imagination, and it may become the mainstream way for companies to go public.
Different from the founders and decision-making powers, ICO sponsors rarely have any restrictions. They may be projects, foundations, communities, or even individuals. ICO issues tokens and the initiators have no decision-making power over the project and can only feedback information at most.
ICO usually raises funds for the project before the completion of the regional block chain project. ICO participants are very important to the success of the project, they will promote the block chain project in the region in the community and support the entire process of the project from team creation to project release.
In this sense, the blockchain project for ICO mainly uses the tamper-proof ledger attributes of blockchain technology to ensure the public issuance of tokens and adopts smart contract technology to achieve automatic scheduling.
With the advent of ICO, the financial market is in a frenzied period of development. As the ICO culture becomes more mature and reliable, ICO will become a financing method different from traditional investment and financing. At the same time, as limited financing channels coupled with the spread of the financial crisis and credit crunch,a new type of financing channel crowdfunding platform WeFunder, based on the development of the Internet has emerged. Relying on the ICO model ,it stand out among many platforms and its status has risen sharply.
WeFunder was established in the United States in 2012, mainly provides crowdfunding services for small and emerging companies without financing countdown, provide one-stop services for initial review, fund custody, and post-financing management .WeFunder is a platform cultivated by Silicon Valley's top incubator YCombinator. According to YCombinator's official data, the company that graduated from YCombinator has received more than 3 billion US dollars in total financing, with a total market value of more than 30 billion US dollars.

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