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The first web3 decentration crowd funding platform NOSA Funder in the world officially recruit members
2022-08-11 10:47:44 Primitive Reading

 NOSA Funder team has developed NOSA Funder, the world's first web3 decentration crowd funding platform. By building crowd funding protocol and comprehensively using cryptography and blockchain technology, NOSA Funder will support the governance capability of decentration on the technical level, realize the trusted and efficient trusteeship and liquidation of token assets and further solve key problems faced by traditional crowd funding platforms/projects. This kind of innovative asset custody and clearing technology will bring a disruptive innovation to the cryptocurrency market, allowing users to get better security and crowd funding returns than banks.
What NOSA Funder creates is not only a decentration crowd funding platform, but also a comprehensive digital asset crowd funding ecosystem and global payment system for digital asset management, transaction and practical application. NOSA Funder is featured by fast speed, low cost, high security and can effectively resist quantum attacks. Nosa Funder will play the function of blockchain in bearing and delivering values to the extreme, and play the concept of equality and openness of blockchain to the extreme so that millions of users can use their assets more freely and gain more incomes.
NOSA Funder Labs has released recruitment posters to the world simultaneously, calling on technical experts from all over the world to come to work for NOSA Funder and to open a new era of web3 crowd funding. NOSA Funder Labs is committed to ensuring the widespread deployment of blockchain-based services as an innovative technology. We look forward to technical experts from around the world working with us in the near future to improve the transparency and efficiency of our businesses and create more values for all human beings. 

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