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VSTMEX:The Global Inclusive Digital Asset Trading Platform, Participates in the 2022 London Contract Trading Exhibition!
2022-02-28 09:34:08 Primitive Reading

 On February 25th 2022, the 2022 London Contract Trade Exhibition held by Investor Conference (UK) Co., Ltd. was successfully finished at the Novotel Hotel in west London, where the participants took part into a wealth tour with the theme of contract trading combined with practical demonstration.

At this exhibition, VSTMEX was invited to make an introduction to the participants. As an inclusive digital asset trade platform, anyone can get rewards by accomplishing tasks(studying,sharing,communicating and trading), and win the first bitcoin in their life through digital asset and derivatives trading!
It doesn't matter if you want to start a business or trading, but lack of funds and resources. The task system of the VSTMEX platform can deliver a steady income for you. You can earn up to tens of thousands of dollars a day from it and don't need to invest a penny to set up your own business empire!
In addition, VSTMEX provides the users with the opportunity to learn about investment trading to make users more knowledgeable  and get them more prepared. It will transform the user's investment portfolio and investment plan into a perfect scheme, so that users can reap wealth in the market.

About The Meeting
The London Contract Trading Exhibition provides investors with an independent set of investment and financial training. Seminars, free seminars and conferences, panel discussions and interviews, company demonstrations and live transaction demonstrations are all designed to help participants optimize the transactions and investments to maximize their returns.
Attending the London Investor Show is also a great way for participants to reconnect with other like-minded investors and traders and can help you successfully cooperate with the company; You can also share the hard-won knowledge with speakers and mentors.

The Global Inclusive Digital Asset Trading Platform
Vstmex - Helping to achieve your dream of owning one Bitcoin
By joining the Vstmex society and going through AI driven task and trading system, Vstmex encouraging and supporting you study and exploring digital asset trading world.
We monetize your knowledge and social network
We help you to trade for better life
Business Philosophy
Being part of the Vstmex society and going through AI driven task to earn you bucket of money without any pre-investment. Using the fund to trade in Vstmex smart trading system to win your first Bitcoin.

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. MYTOKEN assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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