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Web3. 0 King project five overseas kick-off meeting was held in Berlin, Germany!
2022-02-23 16:30:39 Primitive Reading

 With the development of blockchain technology, the Internet is moving towards Web3 With the evolution of the era, the interaction between people and things, and the virtual boundary is constantly broken. Recently, Web3 0 King project five overseas kick-off meeting was held in Berlin, Germany! This meeting will gather top experts from multinational companies including Microsoft and IBM to jointly promote the development of Web3 in Europe!

With the increasing influence of Web3, more and more users and developers all over the world are pouring into Web3 to contribute to the ecology. Europe has always been one of the largest gathering places for blockchain enthusiasts in the world, and continues to provide relevant services for blockchain and infrastructure and technology for Web3. Five as the host, Its global head of ecology said in an interview with relevant media: "I believe we will create new miracles! In the wonderful world of Web 3.0, five will establish a decentralized open blockchain protocol to ensure the transparency of consensus algorithms and the clarity of contracts, so as to demonstrate collective wisdom and promote meaningful projects through advanced democratic decision-making processes, so as to enrich the global financial ecosystem. It is our responsibility to forge ahead and realize the future In a consistent spirit, our goal is to use innovative technology research and development to develop the first blockchain platform for all node equity proof and federal Byzantine agreement consensus algorithm, so that anyone can experience its speed and credibility. We are very happy to be at the forefront of the new revolution of Web 3.0. We will work with you to enter this exciting new era. "

It is reported that five is a global decentralized autonomous organization, mainly global. All countries have set up offline consensus communities, aiming to build a gamefi aggregation platform based on the concept of Web 3.0, integrating smart contract constraints and Dao voting governance, including the meta universe ecosystem of decentralized NFT trading and cross chain integration system. It can be predicted that with the continuous expansion of five's global ecology, five's influence is also expanding. Let's wait and see!

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