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Wooks: Deere Plan - The Great Space Planet Migration Plan for the Sustainable Development of Human Civilization
2022-04-03 14:59:11 Primitive Reading


Wooks (Wook) is a senior technical consultant, graduated from Yale University with a degree in computer science, as a top IT engineer, worked at Microsoft as the regional technical director of Australia. After that, he served in several blockchain teams and has excellent code and architecture skills. He also participated in the planning of several blockchain projects and has rich experience in blockchain development.

As a senior technical advisor of the Deere Project, Vox believes that Mars is the most suitable planet for human habitation, and says that the Deere Project is a great immigration plan. It remains a very important goal for humans who want to achieve interstellar travel since the space age, and it can help us explore, mine and colonize the solar system.

Vox expressed his belief that SpaceX's Deere plan will be successful. deere plan is the great dream and mission of SpaceX space exploration company in the United States, which has influenced the whole world. spaceX has contributed so much to the exploration of the universe that when government agencies such as NASA could not justify their expenses and could not get funding, SpaceX generously offered to help. If life still exists elsewhere in the universe, the solar system is a good place to start looking because in a fairly short period of time we can reach, collect and analyze samples. Along with the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, Mars is one of the most likely planets to host some kind of microbial life or to have had life in the past.

Vox hopes to preserve the propagation of human cultural genes by creating a multi-planet world suitable for human existence through an interstellar migration program. This coincides with the original intention of the Deere plan team, which builds a huge meta-universe by combining games, social and crypto-economy in one, bridging the interoperability between the virtual world and real life, aiming to make more people understand the Mars migration plan through game mining, immersive experience and sharing, and then sign up to migrate to Mars, bringing more new possibilities for the future development and inheritance of human civilization. The possibilities.


Vox said that Mars exploration will be the first step of the Deere Plan, which is a key link in the development of deep space exploration from the Moon (Mars) to the planets, and is also the way to go to the farther universe in the future. Through the Deere Plan, more people can learn about the origin and evolution of the solar system, the origin and evolution of life and other major scientific issues of great significance for improving human scientific knowledge of the universe, expanding and extending the space for human activities, thus promoting the sustainable development of human civilization.

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