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bitcoin token has made great achievements: it was listed on FEIXIAOHAO and has become a new lead in the DeFi3.0 field
2022-03-06 11:54:03 Primitive Reading

 In the current cryptocurrency field, Bitcoin, a bit token held by THE DeFi 3.0 board, can be said to be a new force and a bright performer in the board. Bitcoin token is built on the BSC. Its emergence continues to follow the tide of DeFi and bring huge profits to investors. At present, Bitcoin has been listed in FEIXIAOHAO and recorded in market cap. Until now, the average daily currency price has increased by more than 15% and has a rising trend. According to the FEIXIAOHAO official website, the current circulation of Bitcoin has exceeded 10 million, with a market value of nearly 100 million. The investment return calculated at the low point is +1185.12%. Its heat is still continuing and it is expected to break the previous high.

Within two weeks, its market value reached nearly 100 million, and its liquidity reached 1000BNB, and it was included by FEIXIAOHAO coins, and became the ranks of the new mainstream coins, which caused a lot of attention. What exactly is bitcoin, the bitcoin token, why is it performing so well, and why is it able to achieve great results in a short period of time and bring stable profits to investors? here for you to sort out:

Bitcoin Project planning
At the beginning of its release, Bitcoin has been aiming at 100 times market value growth and expanding its influence in the cryptocurrency field with the strategy of building consensus as the project's steady development. It has been professionally vetted by an audit firm, the contract has been proved absolutely safe, the liquidity has been locked up for 40 years and ownership has been relinquished, signaling to investors that the project is in long-term operation. In terms of publicity, Bitcoin has been reported by golden Finance and other media, as well as advertised by many foreign influencers and Musk's brother. Its international influence is self-evident. In the future planning, it will take the launching of DAPP as the goal, and gradually land on more than 10 exchanges. Finally, it will invest usd 6 million to establish bitcoin super ecological de-centralization exchange, and realize the market value of Bitcoin of USD 10 billion.
Bitcoiin Background
BitCoin was launched by Elizabeth T. Loshay, a member of the board of directors of the bitCoin Foundation, with the aim of stabilizing the price of the digital currency market and promoting the decentralization of blockchain information technology applications. .
The Bitcoin Foundation was established in August 2012 with the goal of facilitating bitcoin's global growth by standardizing, protecting and advancing the opensource protocol. As a non-profit company and neutral collaboration forum, the Bitcoin Foundation uses open-source mechanisms similar to those of the Linux Foundation and the Tor Project. DeFi3.0 is a DeFi3.0 partnership between the Bitcoin Foundation and the FANXING Community in China. Hong Kong, Macao and other regions are also joining the bitcoin community.

Introduction to Bitcoin Project
Bitcoin is the consensus token of Bitcoin. Holding Bitcoin will earn a trading dividend from Doge. It is a super mining machine with stable income. Currently, BSC chain's Bitcoin has reached a market value of $260,000 and will continue to grow. Bitcoin currently operates PancakeSwap exchanges, and its violent dividend dogecoin feature is popular with investors. At the same time, Bitcoin has opened bitcoin/BNB, Bitcoin /BTC and Bitcoin /USDT trading pairs, which is also the first currency in the whole network that can flash bitcoin on the Bitcoins security chain.
Four advantages of Bitcoin
Bitcoin was recognized when it was launched, and its strong project background was tied to how it was promoted and distributed. The following five advantages guarantee its success and continued steady growth:
First, a great publishing and technical team. Bitcoiin is the issuer of Elizabeth T. Loshay, a member of the Board of directors of the bitCoin Foundation, and has a leading blockchain information technology application team.
Second, the initial aspiration to promote the development of blockchain is valuable. The initial intention of bitCoin project is to stabilize the price of digital currency market, and the practice of blockchain is a pioneer in the complete sense of decentralization
Third, reform in a fair and just way. BitCoin insists that there is no promotion incentive mechanism, all transactions are on-chain pool exchanges and there is no private placement. It is more of a radical decentralisation than the nature of existing projects.
Fourth, mature marketing promotion. The project focuses on the formation of marketing team, with rich marketing experience, and attaches great importance to community promotion and community decision-making. At present, Bitcoin has signed contracts with 12 communities, with strong appeal and autonomy, and has cooperated with many large communities to promote. With a strong marketing plan, it is only a matter of time before the three exchanges are unified.
Bitcoin project Vision:
With the rapid development of DeFi project, people realize the huge development space of decentralized finance. However, DeFi project is cluttered and complicated, which seriously hinders the development of DeFi market. The birth of Bitcoin token aims to become the leader and industry benchmark in DeFi field, and bitcoin in DeFi field.

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