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win-win co-operation!Industry celebrities create NFT game studio for global recruitment
2020-10-06 21:06:32 Primitive Reading

 According to related media, not long ago, the industry celebrity Nick Steve, who bought the distribution rights of Avengers superhero NFT, left Marvel Press together with a number of cartoonists.Is this implicit?To find out, we found the relevant people to answer questions.

It was revealed that Steve met Near Park, the founder of NEAR Game Studio, at the event and decided to develop an NFT chain game.After intensive preparation, Steve and Park co-founded Hero Game Studio, and released recruitment posters to recruit blockchain talent and game talent from around the world.

Steve, leaving Marvel Press is not an end, but a new beginning.Hero Game Studio will take superhero IP as the core to develop innovative game projects and actively inject new blood into the industry.With technological innovation and innovation, the studio is keen to set new high standards for high quality content.Steve and Park sincerely desire to create a world-class team full of infinite imagination, and create excellent original chain games together, which can leave a little beauty and traces to the world.In their eyes, Hero Game Studio is a new attempt with an infinite future. How to explore and verify superhero IP through NFT, combine the core gameplay and users, and create a unique immersive experience with the understanding of games.

For the development direction of the future Hero game studio, Steve answer: " the future is full of changes and expectations, we will constantly build a global audience for a new generation of content creation game studio, hand in hand in the global creative industry within the best talent, production and provide global high quality chain, hope can bring you more content soon.”

Attached recruitment poster:

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